Tuesday, May 29, 2007


Body aches, head pounding, bbq eaten, and some knitting photos means I have a status report for you to see...my full weekend of festivities. First off, here is the Thermalwith much progress made. Between scraping, sanding, dusting, vacuuming, laundry, painting, neck rubs and moans and groans...I knitted.

Most of the painting is complete...like I said...Most. I'll show off proper home improvement photos once there is something worth showing. I do love the color and I can't wait to have my house back to normal.

I love taking pictures outside in the sun...really helps show off this color well. Here is a closer look at the neck and soon I'll be creating armholes too;)

For all of you who haven't seen these little critters yet....Cicadas.

Oddly enough, I live near a forest preserve and don't have a single one. But yet a mile down the road, where I take the train to work they have tons...check out this tree.

The sounds of them squealing can be heard from far away and the most odd thing of all is the birds. Seagulls and other feathered bodies where swarming the areas skies...talk about a fest.

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Knitterary said...

You see? Even though the thermal is knit with little stitches on little needles, it still gets made like anything else. One stitch at a time!

It's looking good! And it will be so incredibly warm and comfy to wear. :)