Friday, September 24, 2010

It's Finally Fall

This weather makes me want to knit sweaters, hats, scarfs in preparation of the winter that is approaching.

Fall is my favorite time of year. The morning air is crisp and the leaves crunch under your feet. The smell of burning wood just sweeps those childhood memories back and it puts a smile on my face.

It is officially fall, but the last two days it's be unseasonable HOT. It irritates me to think I'm getting jipped out of my fall weather. It's not suppose to be 88 degrees outside!! It's suppose to be 72. I want my 72 G** Damn it!!


The Kauni Magic Shawl is growing at a tremendous rate. One row takes approximately 40 min and I like to think of my self as a fast knitter, yet this shawl is super slow right now.

My Every Way Wrap is done and blocked. I need buttons and a shawl pin to wear it like I want. It's been a great item to toss over my shoulders when taking Miss Mac to the bus stop in the mornings. I am now on the hunt and I think getting one of these shawl sticks just might do the trick.

Is your knitting mojo picking up because of the cooler weather? Do you have any projects in mind?

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Is The Doctor In?

For some time now I've been having an itch. NO! Not the kind you need ointment for or even the one that requires you to put on that ridiculous open ended gown. There really is no flattering way to wear it, is there.

Anywhoooo, getting off track. I'm talking about that little tickle that calls on you. I've been feeling the spinning itch. I haven't spun in over a year and it's quite sad really. I love it.

Why did you stop?, you ask. Well it's kind of a lame reason. I don't have a proper chair. I know your all What?? but my issue was with the long bouts of time spent in one position at the wheel. The couch was too soft with no support. Dinning room chair was too hard which dug into my thigh after an hour of sitting. I ultimately stopped spinning because I just couldn't get enough done and be comfortable doing it. Kinda defeats the purpose of that zen like zone you go into when spinning.

Over the holiday weekend I couldn't take it any longer. I pulled out my Lendrum and dusted him off. Once I had all my supplies needed I then thought the easiest chair to move into the living room would be the computer chair. The casters make moving it easy enough and then I thought, Hey the seat is adjustable. I raised it up as high as it would go and would you believe I spun practically all weekend long.

This was my first attempts. Of what I'm not sure. I was just happy to be back at the wheel again. It turned out to be more fingering to DK weight which results in a thick and thin feel.

I then wanted to test myself on trying a thicker weight yarn. I was trying to correct the consistency and not have a thick and thin, but didn't feel my grove until I was practically done with last of my single.

For now this method of taking small amounts to get comfortable with the techniques and methods is helping. Ultimately I'd love to spin up enough for a sweater, but I still need more practice at the wheel before I head down that road.

Friday, September 03, 2010

Testing Fate

The past two times that I blogged an update on the Every Way Wrap, I noticed a mistake. I would proudly take pictures and be amazed that it's coming along so quickly. Then while I review my posts I notice a wrongly crossed cable. Not far down really, just 4-6 rows, but enough to set me back 2 days.

I had these thoughts that I wasn't going to blog about this damn thing until I was done. I'm cursed. Or at least the wrap is cursed. Well, this is no way to blog a knitting life, so I'm living on the edge and testing fate.


The wrap has grown some since my last update... 20 inches to be exact. I've checked and rechecked my cables and things seem to be okay.

Do you want to see it all stretched out...


There you go. That's 47 inches of Every Way Wrap goody-ness. It has reached the annoying stage where it's bulky and a bit cumbersome. It wont be too long now. The full length will be 59 inches and 7 inches of that will be ribbing. I'm hoping to get more completed this holiday weekend. My Labor Day will be a Labor of Love. Cookie and Kisses!