Thursday, May 24, 2007

8 Knitters + Wine + Goodies = Good Times

It’s hard to imagine that over a year ago, the South Suburban Chicago, Tinley Park Stitch ‘n Bitch group would grow to what it is today. I’m sure Becca would agree with me, that the group has come along way. Thank you Becca for starting the group and loyally attending each meeting in hopes for new members.

When I joined, we would meet twice a month and usually it was just the three of us. Happily knitting away, not aware of what was to come the following year. Knitters would come and go, and most have stuck around. We extended our meetings to every week and I am happy to say my life is so much better because of them.

Last night I was proud to host the Anniversary Party, where we all gathered to knit, eat, drink and be merry. Or at least hear love tales from Merrygentlemen –hehehehe.

Promptly at 6:50 knitters were at my door. I’m going to apologies now for the lack of photos...several bloggers where present, yet no photos where taken. Bum.

I do have after shots of what was left...

We also had a secret swatch, where random swatches were created and everyone got to guess what the fiber content was. It’s interesting to see that everyone had a different take and what was what...and I think we all knew right away what was crap acrylic.

Tons of food was spread out on the dinning table and many ummms could be heard from everywhere. I think I went into a diabetic-sugar-salsa-brownie-cookie-dips-and-chips over load. We knitters know how to throw a mean party! I indulged in two glasses of wine and I’m paying for it today...that’s okay, I’ve got brownies for breakfast – yeah, okay...maybe I shouldn’t have posted that. I AM suppose to be WATCHING what I eat. Ha!

We were lucky to have had some moments alone before being invaded by children large and small. I think the best was seeing Mac’s face when she didn’t see her mommy sitting on the couch...but the living room busting with knitters.

Just a quick note...Thermal was released from jail pending a full investigation into last nights pattern upset. It looks like a lot right? Well, it's going along great. I know I complain to much about it, but the larger it grows, the more in love I fall.

The last bit I want to say, is thank you ladies. Thank you for being knitters, for being my friends, for supporting my addiction and making a once lonely closet knitter happy once again.

Can't wait till next year. Cheers!


Jason L. Froebe said...

That's what happened to my brownies! Oh well, maybe I can convince my very very beautiful and wonderful wife to make some more....

Knitterary said...

Jason, must say, you have excellent taste. Those peanut butter bar thingies that you picked out were extremely yummy.

I'm still full from last night!

Thanks again, Kris. Group hug!