Monday, May 21, 2007

A Little 2ply Shetland

My first attempt on plying yarn from my lazy kate was a botch. No worries, yarn was only a test and I'm okay with that. I then pulled out my last batch of Shetland Wool and have been spinning it off and on. With two bobbins filled up I plied them together, did a quick soak and looky here. I've got an official fully plied Shetland Wool Skein.

I know I want to die it, but haven't yet picked a color. I still have sooooo much roving yet to go through, so no dying will be set till I spin it all up. I think I'll do a scarf and hat set with this yarn. It has turned out very soft and lofty.

What I've done so far is varied from thick to thin. I'm hoping that I'll get good enough to spin sock yarn. Just need to practice keeping my tension and working the roving consistently.


Knitterary said...

I think it's gorgeous. Lofty -- almost looks a little curly. And even though I know diddly about spinning, I can tell you're getting better at it. Congrats!

bassclefs said...

Dye it jewel tones! I absolutely love jewel tones and you can never go wrong with deep purples, blus, and greens!

You've also been tagged in my recent blog entry!