Thursday, October 23, 2014

FO: October Frost


To say that I'm excited to have this sweater an understatement. The pieces to this sweater stayed locked away blocked and folded while I was busy designing my own stuff. I waited patiently for the right buttons and in the end, grosgrain ribbon. I knew I wanted this to be done just right.

Pattern: October Frost by Lisa Lloyd

Yarn: Chuckanut Bay Yarns

Needles: US 6 and 8 needle

Started: January 21, 2012

Finished: October 16, 2014

Did I change anything? Nope. At the time, I was happy to just do what was instructed.


The yarn was originally for a tunic cabled jacket and hood...Faery Ring, but the designer never did finish the sizing options for the larger sizes. It was also at this point that I knew that the shape of the jacket would not be flattering to my body shape. The stars were then aligned for me to make one of the many beautiful sweaters from the book: A Fine Fleece.


I also knew I had to find the perfect buttons and just to really finish this sweater off, I wanted ribbon. So, If your ever in Chicago and need buttons and ribbon... head to Soutache. The lady there is adorable and was very knowledgeable with her stock and selection.


Back when I had time to listen to Podcasts, I remember the Knitmore Girls talking about a video they had created that demonstrated the technique of adding ribbon to the button band. It's long. But very helpful in understanding the process. Go check it out here.

What the video doesn't show you is the technique used for adding ribbon over the button holes. This part was a little more tricky. Knowing what I know now, I would have made button holes to the ribbon from my sewing machine prior to attaching the ribbon to the sweater. What did happen was I had attached the ribbon over the holes. Sniped slits where the holes where and then the ribbon began to fray. Oh-Joy. So yeah... I then looked up techniques on securing button holes. I found this video helpful. You'll also need to add Fray Check to the ribbon before doing this buttonhole stitch. If you don't it will just cause your ribbon to fray more. I also added more Fray Check afterwards to double secure it.

Yes, it took a full day to add the ribbon...and another full day to stitch all 7 button holes, but in the end it was worth it.

The whole process has me feeling very empowered. So here I give you my Powerful Pose: