Monday, August 13, 2012

Stitches Midwest 2012 Haul

Just some goodies I picked up while at Stitches Midwest.


Do you think I like lime green? Not at all;)

Left to Right: 10 skeins Cascaded Pure Alpaca, the Beekeepers Quilt pattern... because I believe in torturing myself with mini skeins for another 4 years, 1 Skein of Three Irish Girls, 1 purple skein of Pure Alpaca (won this at the pajama party!), Erin Lane large bag, 1 size 3 Signature needle, 1 cone of Vally Yarns Alpaca Silk, a sweater stone, Color Affection shawl pattern, Miss Babs Color Affection Kit in Yet which is a lace weight.

All yummy goodies! And then guess what? Do you know what else I saw...

My pattern (Tourbillon) in the "wild" at the Plucky Knitters booth.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Going For Gold

When last we left off I was showing you the blanket and it looked something like this:


It then grew...


And grew a little bit more...


And it kept growing and growing...


And then when all the pieces were laid out it looked like this:

And then came the seaming. Oh the seaming... and then what happened? It turned into one of the most amazing knits I've ever accomplished.


Its permanent home is now The Knit Zone. Just makes you want to curl up on loveseat and catch a few zzz's huh?

Just to give you an idea of how many hours this undertaking took...I've calculated the time.
It look me roughly 101 hours to completely finish this project. Knitting on the train to work and back. Knitting and seaming during lunch breaks. Then once home I would make dinner and knit from 7pm-12 if not till 1am. Get up and do it all over again. Labor or love is and understatement. I then wore it all day Sunday at Stitches Midwest. It was like a badge of honor to wear that sucker. It was my flag. My Olympics. And I won Gold.

Thursday, August 09, 2012

Down to the Wire

I'm exhausted. I can't believe how much energy this blanket is taken from me. As I type this, all the squares are done. All the seaming is done. A few tails need to be woven it, but people. Seriously. I've started adding an I-cord lime green of course!

Heading to Stitches Midwest this weekend and I can't express the sheer excitement I feel right now. I will be dragging the blanket with me and hoping to win Gold! And I'll be chillin with the girls as we rock one of the best knit weekends of the year!

Monday, August 06, 2012

Ravellenic Finish Line Here I Come!!


Do you see that wonderful blanket?

Oh, Yes people, I've been a mitered square knitting fool. As of right now I only need 11 more squares and I can fill in the hole on this blanket.

The games end on August 12th, which I know I can do. Finishing 8 to 12 squares a day was the way to success...doing 4 a day was not a realistic goal.

The only thing I'm thinking I should do is to add an i-cord edge. I know you're probably screaming at me to just shut-up, but in all honesty I think it needs it. I'll be testing those waters tonight and make a decision. The hardest part would be to pick a color.  My gut says green.