Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Happy Hallows Eve

After nine years of Nijia outfits, we are proud to show off the Samurai, who goes by the name, Sir Eric.

Shorty was the little witch that she was and a matching mommy to boot.

Can you believe that we took her out and she went to two houses, then was done. Having gotten only 2 pieces of candy and she was satisfied. Big brother on the other hand was out for an hour, came back to drop off his first load to then go out again...a good 10 lbs of candy in tote. It was a good year, a very good year.

I'm also happy that he has fallen for my fingerless mitts...he wears them all the time:)

Knitting has been going smoothly...after measuring the entrelac...I'll call it gauge, cuz that's what it was. I started again and it's coming along amazingly, can't wait to felt this piece.

Friday, October 27, 2006

Thank You Lady Eleanor

I have got say that Entrelac has to be the most rewarding "Right Before Your Very Eyes" patterns I've had the pleasure of knitting. Yes...yes the Clapotis was amazing and very fun, but this is magic. Thanks to the designer Kathleen Power Johnson (what a great middle name by the way) for publishing the Lady Eleanor Entrelac Stole pattern in Pam Allen's Scarf Style book. Brilliant I tell you....and also thank you Theresa for suggestion this pattern for my felted bag. I've tossed the cotton swatch to the side and said Screw That....I Wana Start on this Baby Now!!

I'll knit one long panel and seem part of the sides and have a remaining piece flap over the opening...still considering the handle? Any suggestions? Think of the big messenger bags...and wondering about an adjustable strap.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Blue Spirit Fingers

I'm doing Spirit Fingers! Can you feel it?? Love how quickly these knit up...casted on the needles Saturday night and off the needles Tuesday. Now, to come up with mittens for the shorty of the family...

Monday, October 23, 2006

Knifty Red's Fingerless Glove Pattern

My Cleverness Explained....

Yarn: Worsted Weight (TLC Essentials used in photo)
Needles: size 5 DPNs (set of 4)
Gauge: 5st per 1 in (est. on son's 8 inch Knuckle width, I figured it would be a 40 stitches cast-on - then decreased by 10% for a tight fit. You might have to do several gauge swatches to achieve tension)

Cable Cast on 36st.
Knit 36st in round till piece measures desired length from CO to first knuckle on Thumb. (photo shows 8 inch measurement)

Thumb: with waste yarn (appx. 8 - 12in) knit 7st. Slip those 7st back on to left needle. Knit with active yarn and continue till piece measures 2in from Thumb waste yarn.

Divide stitches evenly starting with end points off the center of thumb. Place bottom 18st on Stitch Holder. Knit top 14st and place on second Stitch Holder. Knit remaining 4st in round with next 4st off bottom holder. This will create the Pinky. On the 8th st and next round 1st KTFB (Knit through front and back of stitch) doing this twice will increase your stitches to 10 - this will help create the inside of the pinky joint. Knit in round till Pinky measures 1in and bind-off. Break yarn.

Slip next 5 Stitches off front and back holders onto two DPNs along with 2-3 stitches off bottom of pinky. This will fill in the gag and make the joint between fingers fit. Knit in round on 13st till piece measures 1 inch. Repeat for remaining Middle and Pointer fingers - remembering to pickup several stitches between finger joints to fill gaps.

Thumb creation: Slip waste yarn off slowly while picking up 8 stitches for top and 7 stitches bottom of thumb placing on DPNs. Also pick up 2 - 3 stitches on either ends to fill in gaps. Distribute 18 over 3 DPNs and knit in round till thumb measures 1 inch. Bind-off, break yarn and weave in any loose ends.

Once both gloves are done, place them on hands and make happy Sprint Fingers!! Come on...I know I'm not the only one who watched Bring It On.

Happy Knitting:)

Sunday, October 22, 2006

I Feel Clever

The boy requested fingerless gloves ...and so I set out to do just that. I searched all over...books, web --many thanks to Mary Bridget for the web pattern, it was great reference. I just couldn't find the perfect pattern...so I was left with designing my own. Here I go again...against the grain. But..I did it...I'm so happy with my self for being so clever.

Can you see the Pinky???? It's really quite simple, just knit half upper stitches on waste yarn to separate out for each finger.

Here is one glove finished, but I don't think the one skein will be enough for a full set. Plus, I think the boy would like it in a blue instead of teal. These sure are a quick knit, now if I could make some for my self. This weekend was quite cold...and guess what season it is???

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Happy Poppy Feet

My feet are doing the Happy Poppy Dance right now!! Merino Wool, hand painted yarns by Claudia...color is called Poppy, but I think there just Happy!! This project has been an ongoing WIP (work-in-progress) for weeks...I just told my self...I wana wear them. The weather turned a bit cooler and sitting on the couch knitting my endless lace. I thought that my feet could do with some love:) I knitted these suckers on 2 circs at the same time, plus I did them toe-up so as to not waste any of the yarn. Love this way of knitting socks, that I think I'll have to start another pair right away!! maybe a xmas gift for someone special...hmmm?

I'm heading out to my SnB tonight to show them off to the gals.

Monday, October 16, 2006

Before & After

I truly feel that blocking is the icing on the cake when it comes to knitting. Pieces that are rippled, twisted or dis-com-bobulated become the gorgeous hand knits that they are suppose to be...Shining in all their glory. When I finished knitting the Fetching fingerless gloves from Knitty.com, I really didn't need to block them, but I wanted to see what would happen....they become softer and even more yummy after blocking. Here are beavers and afters:



Another great effect is this after photo of the felted swatch.....and a sneak peak of the design ideas I have for the bag. I'm really excited to get this project started. I just can't wrap my head around the pattern and achieving what I want for the end result. I want to knit the bag in the round, but being that this is my first real attempt at knitting with 2 colors, I'll just have to dive in and get started.

And if these samples didn't make you smile...then here is Miss Mackie to brighten your day:)

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

A Moment in Time

The weekend went by so quickly and was filled with such wonder...wonder of time, love, happiness, dancing and wedding cake....ahhhhh the wedding cake. I think that's what did me in on my WW meeting come Monday evening. Since no knitting got done, well, can't say that I didn't knit, but no progress has been made to actually post.

Here is a smile that brightens my day every morning...

And here she is giving her mommy a heart attack!

Why does she climb every where?? does anyone know?? I'll give it to her, she's one smart cookie.

Now for the wedding...wish I had more pictures to upload and I'm sorry Becca and Jason, but gosh thoses batteries are bloody annoying! They went out right when the ceremony started...

And just in case...here is the close-up...

Thanks for inviting our family to join you on that beautiful day... and congratulations again. The ceremony was easy to follow, thanks to the help of the program guide. I loved that they skipped down the isle as they left...Favorite appetizer was the tomato soup with grilled cheese (good pick Jason)...Sushi was delightful as well. Wish I could post a picture of the whole family together, but alas those darn batteries....I'm going to have to request a picture from the Bride and Groom.

Well, till next time....

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Tragedy to Triumph

If you read my last post...then you might be wondering what my ultimate decision was on the Alpaca...Frog or not to Frog. Well, after explaining my dilemma to my SnB friend Victoria, we came to more then just one reason to start over. Not only was the ever looming doom of the alpaca just to much for me to continue, but when I checked my gauge...it was totally off. I'm perhaps knitting very loose or on wrong needles or I just knit different at different times of day. Because it was just whacked when it came to being a proper size. The picture of the sweater in the magazine shows the piece as a small and it's form fitting...which is what I want my end results to be, but the gauge I was knitting...haha, oh my...talk about 3x to large.

I took these moment to reflect on the fact that once this sweater is done...and I promise you it will happen, that it will be my best work yet and I will hug it and squeeze it and call it George. Even if my attempt was only a swatch for gauge...I'm okay with it...it was sad, yes...but it feels good knowing that the end piece wont haunt me. Thanks Vic for helping me get thru that difficult moment:)

This is proof that I will Triumph over this pattern and claim this alpaca as my own:)

I swatched for my felted bag...and tried to do a test, but something went wrong with my technique and I must try again, but I can tell you this much, it didn't bleed and looks like it will be a great project to show off once I master this whole washy thing.

And just as a side note...need to brag and say that I get to have a double night of Stitchin' and Bitchin'...can't wait to see you all.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Still Going...

I made it!! I finally made it to Stitch Number 5,349,330 to finally drop and see the wonderful drop stitch..ahhhhh, talk about thrilled. And even though you can't quite see it...there is a neck shaping thing happening.

I've also come to the sneaking suspicion that this sweater will end in tragedy. Having nightmares of a dropping those 7th stitches to only be left with a complete disaster... balled up mess, no possible way of fixing, no voodoo will cure.

I was brought to this conclusion on the train ride home the other night... Commuting in and out of the city every day has given me much fiber pleasure. Until I noticed that there was 8 stitches where there should be 7. Okay, I told my self, no prob... looking over my work I decided that tinking back was not an option. Some how an extra yarn over was to blame and the only solution was to do a quick decrease...K2tog...Right? Easy said, easy done. Then, why was I thinking that doing the decrease on the seventh stitch would be okay???? Was I mad!!! When the sweater is on it's way off the needles...that seventh stitch is to be dropped...creating this gorgeous ladder effect. I held my breath and tried to remember... did I have this issue before? did I do a similar mistake early on? I just want to throw the damn thing in the back of my closet and forget that I ever started it.

What am I to do... continue with this sweater to only be disappointed in the end when there are extra holes and ladders where there shouldn't be... it's the complete mystery sweater. This lovely Alpaca lace pullover sweater has stitched it's way into my heart... but do I go on for weeks and weeks dreading the day that I finish? do I frog it?? Could this be a case of the prancing pony?? I need a stiff drink and a shoulder to cry on.