Friday, August 31, 2007

One Last Day

It's Friday people!! There is nothing like the Friday before a week off on Holiday. It will go by quickly and I wont even know it. Some people might be of the realization that the actual event is what is more exciting. Not me. It's all the moments that leads up to the event that I cherish most.

The best way to describe it is when I was in my young twenties. The club scene was the place to be and if your familiar with it, then you know that the club doesn't get jumpin' until after midnight. Boy, I've got some stories, but I digress. You see... you spend time picking out clothes, hitting the mall in search of the perfect "cute" outfit, hanging with my girls while we get all "cute" and this is hours before we go anywhere. I even remember back...there was perhaps 5 of us all crammed into a small bathroom gabbing and caring on...we broke out in song and I was so happy I remembered the words and also extremely thrilled that we were in a bathroom. We sounded sooooo good, at least everyone else sounded good;)

I think the only people who love my signing voice is my mother and my kids (below the ages of 8). Eric will deny any rumors of loving my singing voice. Ah, they grow up so quickly, but I remember Grandma telling me that she wasn't allowed to sing to him because she didn't do it right;)

Well, anywho...I got of subject there, but all I'm saying is enjoy every moment. Not just the main event...because in reality, sometimes it over so quickly that you forget what happened. Kinda like prepare a meal for two days and in 15 minutes it's over. I think that's one of the reasons I love knitting. I enjoy each stage for what it is... what does that make me? A process knitter? I love picking the pattern, searching for the right yarn, casting-on and happy as heck when I finish a section or complete one piece of the big puzzle.

Here is some progress that I can post about:

This was picked up for Tour De Fleece and was intended as the challenge. Boy oh Boy what a challenge. The bundle was bought at Loopy Yarns and is 4oz Happy Hippie, the content is 100% Soy Silk in colorway Flower Power. I've only had the pleasure of knitting Shetland wool and taking a leap to Silk was definitely a challenge. I might have to try it on my drop spindle...because the wheel is to fast and I'm struggling with the slippery and stringy quality of soy silk. It feels really nice on the hands, but gosh, I don't know what I'm doing wrong. So, back to square one. Oh, and for the record...the colors are that bright. Yeah, I think satellites will fall out of the sky if this goes outside at any given point in time.

Thursday, August 30, 2007

It's The Little Things

I tried looking for a old picture of my office computer, but it seems I've cut out all the bad stuff out of the photos so the harsh uglies didn't make you burn your retinas. The best I could do was this back from March:

and you really can't see much...but just for time sake, trust me. It was ugly...burn your retina ugly. I blame my non-contact-wearing eyes on this big ass monitor. Do you see the monitor in relation to the keyboard...yeah the end of the desk is at the end of the keyboard. Talk about no room...Anywho...I got a new monitor. It might not be top of the line, off the assembly new, but it is a serious upgrade for me.

That is my desk...where all the magic happens;) I'm super super happy, as I had the old monitor or close to 9 years. Look I've got so much space I can put papers on my desk and they don't go flying off onto the floor!

And in case your wondering about the Michael Jordan image on my desk. That is one of my own sketches that I did to long ago back when he was 23 the first time.

Now if I can only find a place for my samples.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

My Secret Gifts

I even hate the thought of it, but truth be told there wont be much knitting content or should I say extensive knitting projects posted here for at least awhile. Reasons being....babies. Not one, not two...but count them...3 babies. One single birth and the other is a set of twins.

Knitting for babies is just awesome and I swear every time I see a wee little one I just get the itch to knit some booties. One mommy to be reads the blog and I don't wont to ruin the surprise. I certainly can't go months without at least acknowledging this fact. I'm not good at holding it in. My step-daughter is pumping out sure puts my knitting tasks to the test. You see all these babies are due less then a month from each other. I will continue with the Sahara, but unfortunately babies come first. I don't believe I have the power to hold them back;)

I will take progress photos and try to document as I go, so when the gifts are given I will have a story to go with them. Are you curious of my status on these projects...just check the sidebar to see my current baby fever.

Count down also begins for my vacation time. I'm taking a week off starting this labor day weekend and I am super excited to have my parents in town. We have fallen into this twice a year pattern...Easter in Florida and Labor Day in Chicago.

I'm hoping to take tons of pictures but seeing that my husband has not located the cable cord for my might end up with me buying one. Urg. Men.

So I leave you with some funny faces from the sweater photoshoot. These were the best of the bunch and there still bad. Oh is sad and cheesy:

Monday, August 27, 2007


This weekend was all about Miss Mac and giving her a little party to celebrate turning 3. Let me just ask...where did my baby go? Look at her...

And for the record she's not eating the whole slab...she has a slice just beyond the camera angle. Afterwards she kept asking...My party? and then she'd sigh after I would answer, Yes! - Like she was taking it all in.

The toys were all about Thomas and Friends. She played with this set till the wee hours of the night...while I finished these Miss Mac's Mini-Me socks. Hey Robin, this is a great example of why I love Toe-Up Socks:

Finished Object: Cherry Tree Hill Mini-Me socks. I had barely enough yarn to pull these together...I mean seriously I had only inches left. When you make your socks toe-up you use all the yarn and if your lucky you get a Mini-Me pair out of it;) I was also amazed at how quickly little people socks knit up. Two days people...that's all I'm saying;)

Friday, August 24, 2007

FO: Cherry Tree Hill Dusk Socks

These socks are super squishy and I'm totally diggin-em! I also noticed I can't get out of the habit of a Picot bind-off edging with my socks lately. It is kinda fiddly but it always gives me really a stretchy cuff.

Pattern: Toe-up on Two Circular needles
Yarn: Cherry Tree Hill - Dusk colorway
Needles: US 1
Start Date: August 10, 2007
End Date: August 23, 2007
Comments: These knit up pretty quickly and my normal speed with sock is on average 2 weeks, but I had several project going on so I bet I could have pulled these out in a week.

This was my first take on photographing the socks model...

I like my feet better;) I've also cast-on a twin version for Miss Mac as she was telling me with a very firm These Are Mine...hahahaha...these suckers are knee-highs on her!!! I should have enough for little anklets and she was pleased to hear that she was getting a pair. Thus letting loose the death grip she had on them;)

Thursday, August 23, 2007

FO: Kool-Aid MacKenzie Sweater

I am proud to say I have finished the KAMS. Yes, ladies and she is in her full glory.

Pattern: referenced Central Park Hoodie (scaled down to toddler size)
Yarn: Shetland my own hand spun wool - Kool-Aid dyed
Needles: US 4
Start Date: July 2, 2007
End Date: August 21, 2007
Comments: Should have paid more attention to the cables when scaling down this project and using this a learning experience. I think she's happy with it!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007


I woke up with the happy thoughts of my little girl turning 3 today. Stinky laying asleep between hubby and I...boy have I have fallen for this one.

So, why is it that the Computer Gods want to rain down on me? Power surge at the office lead to a reinstalling of software. Thus leading to me shedding several tears in my office during the middle of the day. I've lost all programs, all email addresses, and any shred of personal photos and lets not talk about the lose of knitting content. I will get over the fact that I don't have any proof that my daughter had an awesome 1st birthday, because as of right now it doesn't exist.

I was planning on showing off Mac's finished sweater...but all photos are on my camera and without a program to get them off...I'm at a lose. I just hope that hubby can locate the cable for the camera at home.

I'm off to have cocktails with the's his birthday as well and maybe there is room for improvement.


Monday, August 20, 2007


But it's okay... nothing like rain to make you want to stay home and knit (and sleep). I make a point to take a Sunday afternoon nap on the couch. Usually it involves an old movie, full tummy, small knitting project and my little stinky. Great combo.

Here is my status on the Lorna's Lace socks. Gosh, I wish I could remember what the colorway is ... let me go double check...


Okay, I totally suck. The yarn is Cherry Tree Hill, not Lorna's Lace. Ouch - Bad Blogger!! You'll have to forgive me. Looking back at the Jury Duty post back in's a Dusk colorway. ::Moving right along like nothing happened::

Created the heal over the weekend on my CHERRY TREE HILL DUSK socks and I'm still loving this yarn.

Also, some progress on the Sahara.

These pictures are pretty dark, but with lack of sunlight the picture taking is iffy.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

A Day With Thomas

My little Mac is turning 3 in a couple of days and one the gifts I wanted to give her was a chance to see Thomas and Friends up close. The whole family traveled out to Union, IL for a Day Out with Thomas. The day before there was perfect weather and Miss Mac was showing off her bike skills.

I think I'll need to wear my roller blades just to keep up;) From that night on, it's been non-stop rain. We invested in some rain ponchos and tried to enjoy the day. Here is a classic example of putting on a good front.

Miss Mac super happy to see Thomas the train and just seconds ago we had this:

I think we all kinda felt that way. We didn't really get to enjoy all the events, but we are planning to go back next year and hope for clear skies.

Here is the highlight of the day...Yes Sir Topham Hat...she didn't stop talking about how he put his arm around her and how he's coming over to our house. Talk about star struck;)

Friday, August 17, 2007



Which Princess Bride Character are You?
this quiz was made by mysti

Okay, I couldn't resist this quiz! Thanks Knitting Hawkeye!

I Love Videos

If you've ever had to do a provisional cast-on before, you'll know they are a bit tricky. In the past, I would make a knit cast-on for the desired amount of stitches with some waste yarn. Once it came time to take out this fake row, I would have to undo each stitch and sometimes even cut it out. Talk about stressful.

Well, some time back the SnB group were discussing this provisional cast-on and how doing a crochet chain is much easier. I feel very awkward with a crochet hook, but hell I was willing to give it a try! You make a single crochet chain with the desired amount of stitches and pick up the bumps with your needle. The greatest part is at the end when you get to take it out. The chain just unravels and it's so superior to the other method I had been using.

So, now we forward to this past fiber event, Stitches. Oh, my folks...I've learned to do the provisional cast-on method straight on the picking up of bumps! My new Project Sahara calls for this method and I was super excited to use my new knowledge. When I picked up the needle and crochet hook...I drew a blank. Oh Crap. I had lost it....quick search on the web and looky-looky...

Crochet Provisional Cast-On Video I love knitting videos.

Here is my first row...awwww. Don't you just love that. Why am I such a geek about this? Who knows, but I just am so excited to start making this;)

And just so you know I'm making the one with short sleeves in the upper right corner. Yummy silk, I just hope I can wear this before it gets too cold outside;)

Thursday, August 16, 2007

For the Love of Fridays

I have been brought to the realization that I kinda left you all hanging in anticipation about my needle issue. opps. Just so you have a visual of my train station platform...

This has a vertical drop of 5 feet and there was no hope of obtaining my addi within the time frame between trains. I believe there are stairs at the end that are used for the conductors and work crews, but I'm not that adventurous. The bag was resting on the inside portion from the rail tracks (not in the middle where the train rides). I had only yards left off of my yarn cake and pulling it did nothing but bring me more yarn. I was hoping the edge would snag on the zip lock corner, but no such luck.

I'm not to terribly upset by it...yes it is an Addi, but it was a 24 inch size US 0...and to be honest it was very unpleasant to knit socks on size zero.

Although coming home last night I had this over whelming feeling like I just lost my puppy. I envisioned my self making Lost Addi fliers and posting them about the station house. I don't think the muggles would get it.

I do have an ALMOST finished sweater to show you....I'm blocking the heck out of this sweater. The ribbing scrunched the fronts up pretty bad and the sleeves seemed sooooo small. I don't think I took the cables into effect when it came to size and shape. Live and Learn, right?

Since this sweater is off the needles, I'm moving on with the Sahara. Not sure how much I'll get done this weekend, as it's the last weekend before school and the Miss Mac's birthday is next week. We've got several things planned out which I'm hoping to share with you all.

Why Thursdays Suck

Picture a Knitter waiting on a train platform. The hot muggy morning doesn't make for a pleasant start, but she does not let it bother her because she's knitting. She has escaped into that wonderful world of fiber.

Beads of sweat start to form on her brow, but it does not faze her. The needles and yarn move swiftly through her hands. She glances at her watch and takes note that the train is slightly off schedule.

A toot-toot of the express train and seconds later a gush of wind cools her off as the train speeds past through the station. A smile spreads across her face. The moment she opens her eyes she notices her yarn is pulling and tugging. Looking into the direction of the pulling she watches as her zip-lock bag slips over the edge of the platform and onto the rails.

It's all slow motion as she yells....Nooooooooo... and frantically tries to pull on the yarn. Another commuter informs her "You've got time." She answers back "To what..Jump down?" -clearly a five foot drop- the man exclaims "Oh no." I'm not worried about the yarn, there is a Addie Turbo needle in that bag!

~:: Project Update ::~

I got a lot of progress done on my Lorna's Lace toe-up socks. I started these last Thursday so I could work on an easy project during Stitches. They are super squishy and am falling deeply for far I think they are my favorite pair;)

The KAMS is near completion. I think I'll give it a good blocking this weekend and hopefully have something to show off on the model soon:) She's loving the project and constitly askes.."Is this mine mommy?" Oh, yeah baby it's yours;)

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Stitches Midwest 2007

Oh, where do I begin.

Let me start off with...OH MY GOD, IT WAS COMPLETELY WICKED!!!!

Now that That's out of the way I can begin to tell you HOW COMPLETELY WICKED Stitches Midwest really is. Last year was my first year and I walked away stunned, exhausted, thrilled and seriously wanting more. Took a class last year so I knew I needed to again this year. I'm a self-taught knitter, so when I take a class I always walk away with more knowledge.

This year we beefed it up a bit with two classes, two days of market and a hotel room. We couldn't have planned it out any better....and we knew we were going to have a blast when Superman and Batman showed up.

Sorry if it's blurry, but you know those Hero types...always on the go;)

Market opened at 10am and boy we where there with bells on. I didn't want to miss a thing and I'll tell you, I got to see each and every booth! First purchase of the day was this:

It's a small independent company: Hand Painted Knitting Yarns and their first expo, that paints some fabulous superwash wool. The greens, oranges and burgundy really grabbed me...just had to have;) I do think just for marketing sake, they should consider naming their company something else..just saying.

We then got crazy at WEBS... talk about deals. There website is awesome and so is the booth. Got a great deal on Valley Yarns Colrain (Merino/Tencel blend) to make my Kepler Sweater. I wont even go into how much my partner in crime when away with, but I'll just say we had to dump at the hotel room.

This is the Kepler pattern:

Next was The Fold...okay, can I just say...I love you Toni!! Your the Superwoman of fiber!! I contacted Toni right before the event and I'm sure she was surrounded by lists of things to pack and I requested she pull out a Socks That Rock Lagoon colorway and save it for me. I've been coveting this yarn or over 7 months. I could just see her trailer ready packed to rim and she's digging to find that one skein just for me.

And I couldn't walk away without some roving. Blue Moon Fiber has Sheep 2 Shoe which is 8.5 oz of superwash merino top for spinning...yum!

Also at her booth I found some really cool new sock yarn just out. MacKintosh Yarns and get this...the colorway is Half Blood Prince. How awesome is that! They had some other memorable Harry Potter character names...just Wicked!

From there we hit the Shelridge Farms booth.

Picked up some sock yarn in the Pumpkin colorway...I'm thinking some cables would look lovely and then I can have matching cable sweater and socks;)

And all this was before my amazing class with Susanna Hansson, Off the Beaded Cuff. What a great teacher and what a way to introduce beads into your projects. I can't say enough good things about her. I love walking away saying to myself...I didn't know that and now I do. Wow.

Here is what the class had done by then end:

I continued to work on this through out the the hotel room, at dinner, at the bar that night. And my Sunday this is what I had:

Ignore the first row of beads...missed one completely then forgot to stop adding them ...what fun!


First off...getting up at 6:30 is no fun. But Hell I had a class with Nancy Bush!!!! Her class was COMPLETELY and TOTALLY WICKED and I got over my fear of what did I do with that sweater? just kidding;)

This is a sample of a steek set up for the adding of sleeves. Even though the class was only a lecture, she had so many samples of how the technique would work. She even let us snip a section of a steek off this sample:

Gorgeous isn't it. This is another example she had:

It's a baby cartigan with can see the pattern of the sweater to the left and right. The middle section will get cut and flipped back. What a cool class, highly recommend this to knitters interested in sweater making.

Back to the Market we go.... will this post ever end you say? Oh, come on it's not that bad is it?

Picked up some lovely Quartette, which is a Merino and Cashmere sock yarn. Discounted to 6 bucks at the JoJoLand International booth.

And last but not least was the Aussi Sock yarn in Oak Moss colorway and Plum Rose colorway. Bought at the Have Ewe Any Wool booth.

What I time we had. Thanks Knitterary for being my Stitches was awesome. Now it's Save, Save, Save for next year!!!

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Knitting Update I know your probably all bored with my ranting of spontaneous moments...lets talk knitting.

Kool-Aid Mac Sweater (KAMS) has made HUGE progress. These are all the pieces and now time for seaming. Which I don't mind so much. I've read about other knitters and their hate for seaming, but I'm kinda fond of the finishing techniques. I might not be very good at them, but something about knowing your on the tail end of a finished project.

The next steps will be to seam the fronts to the back, then the sleeves, continue to knit the hood, pick up stitches on the front to create button holes....see still a lot to do, but it will go very quickly now.

My other quick thing was homework for my Stitches Class on Saturday. I'm taking the Susanna Hansson Off the Cuff Beaded Wrist Warmers class and for homework I needed to do a gauge swatch on sock weight yarn and also pick up beads.

This is a sample picture of what the class will make:

I knew I had tons of sock yarn in my stash, but when I went looking...none of them where screaming at most of my yarn was variegated and I really wanted a solid color. Quick trip to Loopy Yarns during lunch and along with a quick trip to Beads Galore and More has given me this:

I found a good match on the green, but wasn't sure if I really should have picked up a contrasting bead. So, with the bead bin stating 50% off ...I got both. I really like the orange-gold looking beads and once I get the hang of adding beads to items, I can always us the others for another project. Heck you never know...I will most likely use both colors;) Funk-O-Licious.

With the Stitches Market being less then 42 hours stomach is all a flutter and I can concentrate on anything. sigh. I don't know if I'll be up to posting tomorrow, but I can't forget to say Good Luck to Aleta who is participating in the Susan G Komen 3-Day Breast Cancer Walk this weekend. I don't think I would ever feel right complaining about walking again...gosh, 60 miles...your awesome, but a little nuts too;) If anyone has a few bucks to spare, she's still looking or funds to make her goal. Kisses and Cookies Aleta!

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Potty Power!

I am on a mission folks.

A Potty Training Mission.

My first steps have failed. Any attempts to potty train this wee-lass have ended in disaster. She is head strong and stubborn like her father. With her 3rd birthday looming in the horizon, I've decided to bombard her with potty knowledge. First stop, the library. Three videos and two lap books to start and now? She's gone to the other side. She's obsessed with the potty now. Can't get enough of it and where am I in all this?

Yep, sitting on the side of the tub singing songs and coloring in her coloring books. Passing time. sigh. I think I'll have potty knitting added to this mission.

Upgrade in Spirts

Thanks for all your supportive comments. All my ranting and being a big baby carrying on is like therapy for me.

In light of my mood, I decided to take a different approach to the rest of my day. I was going to be thankful for all that I did have. Even if pulling on the most littlest positive thing.

The weather in Chicago is very uncomfortable right now. It's hot and not just hot but humid sticky hot. When the weather gets like this I just avoid it all together. I go from a/c house, to a/c bus, to a/c train, to a/c work and back again. I can pretty much avoid sticky and my heart goes out to all those who live without a/c.

On my way home last night, I hop on my train and make my way to the last car. I notice it's particularly full in the cars leading to my favorite spot. It then smacked me in the face when I entered. No a/c. It was a sauna. So, I sit down and ponder to myself. I can either stand in the a/c car (it's so packed there are no seats) or sit in the heat with room to spread out. I chose to sit in heat. It was only 45 minutes till I reached another a/c no biggie. I was embracing the positive point that I could sit and knit. It was okay until I had to deal with State The Obvious Man. Everyone who entered the car commented about how bad it was...but this man decided to call his wife.

I truly can't believe anyone married this man. He was rude, selfish and super annoying. He started his conversation with: What are you doing? ...not the cute Hey, what are you up to kind of greeting, but an accusing tone as if she was up to no good kinda tone. He goes on to tell her to stop making her 7 course dinner...I just don't have the time...7 o'clock meeting...yes...oh, just hand me a hot pocket when I walk through the door.

Now why is that people on cell phone don't think that others can hear them or even worse stare at the knitter across the isle and think she's deaf and blind. I wonder.

He proceeded to go on and on about the billion degrees of heat he was having to endure. At this point I look up and give him the Spock eyebrow...which makes him look away and he quickly ends his conversation. I think I'm in the more talk about the heat. It only makes it worse you jackass. Not more then 5 minutes later he gets back on the phone with his blessed wife. He starts giving her instructions: Drop what your doing, go into the up stairs bedroom...are you there yet...just go...don't forget to leave the cat out of the room...just listen to pull the step latter out from the me...what? open the attic and stick your head in.

What? This man was instructing his wife to stick her head in the attic just so she could fully understand how hot it was for him? What killed me most was his reaction to the fact that she wasn't going to do it. HaHaHa!! So...your not going try? oh, come on...don't you want to know?


I went home to my a/c house and kissed my husband several times. I'm very thankful for what I have.

~::Knitting News::~

I did my homework for Stitches and got gauge on the first try. Sorry for the lack of photos on this, but the batteries on the camera are charging. When I can I'll post the yarn and beads I've picked out for my class on Saturday.

I leave you with a very cool picture taken by a co-worker (shout out to LH)...just had to share your discovery.

Who knew that downtown Chicago had bats.

This little guy and his buddy were discovered in the tree just outside my building on Michigan Avenue.

Monday, August 06, 2007

How The World Turns

You's amazing how one day you feel your life is full. Almost to the point of overflow and you don't think you can handle Not. One. More. Thing.

I've been in such a sucky mood lately. I really just want to roll up into a ball and forget the world exists. I hate these moments...the overflow of bills, the ever increasing age of my children, along with my own birthday approaching. Car break downs, flat tires (Thanks again Aleta for coming to the rescue), broken pool ladder, Son stolen by "the other side" and missing dentist appointment, registration of said son for the 6th grade into school that sucks the big one. Ex sympathizing with high registration costs when he's never paid a dime for school.

Then, what is it that light I see ahead? Stitches Midwest. This coming weekend. I'm going to have a fabulous time. I plan on it. I need this...the only thing I need to figure out is a strategy of avoiding a certain person who has the same class. I know my SnB gals are all crying out her name, but I wont bash her on this blog. I'll just say I don't want to spend 3 minutes with this woman, let alone 3 hours sitting next to her.

The biggest surprise I have to reveal is getting a call from hubby. This has lighted my mood just a little... he calls to tell me about twins. Yep, if anyone remembers my step daughter is pregnant. Ultrasound done this afternoon shows confirmed boy and the other was crossed legged (which is total girl). She's super happy and I'm completely flabbergasted. My husband is a grandpa of twins. ouch.

~::Knitting News::~

The KAM sweater is coming along great. I was hoping to have the sleeves a little more developed by now but the front panels are off the needles.

Now, I'm off to go daydream about the yarn I'll discover at Stitches...

Friday, August 03, 2007


A lot of my world is wrapped up in good intentions. I will have this idea that if I Fight The Man all will work out and my little world will be better....So here is my fight.

PACE. If you don't ride PACE or CTA then you might have just tuned it out, but it has become a serious problem and I've done what "one person" can do...but I feel like heck, I could blog and maybe there are others out there that can help.

The state is cutting funding...and it will all boil down to ELIMINATION of bus routes. Heck I would soooooo rather pay an extra cost then to have ELIMINATION.

What's going to happen? Well, from my perspective it will mean the ELIMINATION of the community PACE bus service which drops off local citizens to the Metra Train which then takes us all to Chicago. This means needing an extra car, paying for a parking lot whether it's downtown or part of a suburb with train parking...all more money.

If such a thing is to happen. This would mean THOUSANDS of daily commuters will have to find alternate routs to the train or drive into the all ready crammed city streets. It's not just my bus, it's not just my train, but ELIMINATION of all feeder buses through out the suburbs. Check This Out. That is a map of all Metra Train lines..not all but most have PACE services feeding into the communities.

How can you help? By first spreading the word. Talk to your family, friends, you know anyone who commutes? The more people who respond the better.

It takes just seconds to do...go to PACE's website. Scroll down until you see the link for Poorly Performing Routes Scheduled for Elimination. They're already in the process of increasing fares (which I will happily do) but they also have a list of routes they plan to eliminate.

Please click on the link "Send a message to Springfield now" - this will pull up a short form that asks you name and your District Representative. A letter is all ready written out and is sent automatically to the people who need them.

This is only the beginning of the process and it's still not too late to take action. Please take a few moments to send a form and pass the news on to others. Thank you.

::stepping off soapbox::

Thursday, August 02, 2007

My Harlotty Socks

Pattern: Plain Toe-up on 2 Circ's

Yarn: Socks That Rock in Harlotty colorway

Needles: US 1

Start Date: July 20, 2007

End Date: August 1, 2007

These socks are the project I worked on while reading Harry Potter 7. Cast-on was the magic 8, which is my new favorite thing to do. The yarn is just yummy and I'm super happy that I frogged back to change the pooling effect of the colors. Amazing what a few stitches will do to the pattern. The bind-off was a picot edging, which I've also fallen in love with.

Guess who wanted to be apart of the action...

I've also gotten back on the KAMS (Kool-Aid Mackenzie Sweater) is a shot of the two fronts being knit together...awww.

It's coming along great and I can see this will knit up quick. Don't you just love baby knits...gosh, super fast.

So, the next big thing coming is Stitches Midwest. Only 8 more days people. 8. More. Days. I seriously need to think about what I'll bring to knit and what I'm thinking about buying. Blue Moon Fiber wont be at the convention this year, but there are plenty of opportunities for sock yarn. I think my intention will be in finding a great yearn for a pattern I have on hand. Okay, now it's a matter of figuring out which pattern.