Monday, November 27, 2006

Post-Turkey Update

I've made a heel!! Oh, yeah...I have a little hope of having these done for Christmas morning:) I had to try it on of course, and yes it is large...which is good. I just hope he likes them, I know I do:)

I was going to post a picture on Sunday night, but alas this weekend project got in the is why:

We had been living with white walls for years and now we have color. It's dark, but I'm loving it more and more each day.

Yes, we took the holiday as a chance to update the master bedroom. It took on a life of it's own, with holiday cooking and drop cloths, paint brushes...and the want for fiber between my's finally scratch that, it's just painted. I spent all day Sunday putting everything back to normal, with a slight rearranging of the furniture. The room feels like someone else’s house:) kinda good right? I woke up with a smile on my face and had a lovely time getting ready in the morning. I just wish the budget was open to drapes and bedspreads...but that will all come in time. I'm sure my sewing machine will be humming in my ear pretty soon.

Friday, November 24, 2006

Happy Turkey Day!

What a day..turkey, stuffing a little apple pie.

Would have taken a shot of the turkey and all the fixings, but the camera was MIA at the time and my tummy was growling with need. We were blessed with visitors for dinner...these two can do some serious damage to a normally peaceful house, but I enjoyed hearing the squeals of kiddies running thru the house.

Updates on my current projects...

Gloves are off the needles and on my hands as I head out every morning in the cold. I love these, but I noticed that my rush to get them done has produced my weave ends to pop out and become unwelcome. I will have to refer back to my notes and figure if I was doing something wrong.

Incase I haven't mentioned it are the spec's:
Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino (I'm not going to get into details about the yarn recall mentioned on several other forums, but will say this - it's a lovely yarn and I'd hate to see this go. But, if the yarn recall leads to a drop in the price, hell I'm all for that)
Gauge: 5st per inch on size 6 DPN
CO: 32 st on size 4 DPNs-K2P2 Rib for 3.5 inches
Knit for another 2.5 on the size 6 DPNs before separating for the thumb and then knitted another 2in before separating for the other fingers.

Had and extra skein from my purchase and this is what I've started with it.

A simple K2P2 ribbed hat...we'll see if there is enough yarn for my huge head...or should I say large brain?? yeah, that's it.

Here is my hubbies socks or should I say sock for now. I truly feel so slow. I read the Harlot and how she's pumping out a sock a day and just shed a tear for my lack of accomplishments. These socks will most likely become valentine gifts then the Christmas gift they are suppose to be (sigh).

And last but not is my deep thinker. I sometimes wonder what a 2 year old could possible be thinking about...writers block? or just frustrated that dear old mommy is taking yet another picture of her super cute daughter. I'm going with the writers sounds cooler.

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Inspiration vs. Odd Discoveries

So, I'm sure all designers, creators & talented people get inspired by many things, but lets just say that I've been taken over by the knitting bug - I see knitting every where. It's like those moments when you discover something that's all ready popular and you wonder how you never noticed it till now.

Here are a few moment of spontaneous inspiration to fill you day...

Do you see cables? I went to the Harold Washington library during lunch and was stopped in my tracks. While at the library I picked up a Celtic cable book and Elisabeth Zimmerman's Knitting Without Tears. I read a couple of chapters and she's quite is a quote: "Loose knitting tends to make your stitches look somewhat uneven, but what of it? Are you trying to reproduce a boughten machine-made sweater? Besides, it is surprising what blocking and a few washings will do to uneven knitting." gotta love it! I see why she's adored by many a knitter.

On another note: I had joined Weight Watchers back in March and have a total lose of 29.6 lbs so far...those .6 oz matter just as much as the next 4 oz. I made a goal for my self that I would add some activities to my day by walking up and down the stairs for 5-10 min a day. With my office located on the 23rd floor of a downtown building, I would not recommend going up or down the whole 23 flights, but what I discovered on floor 19 made me halt and raise a single eyebrow (like the Rock).

Take a look at this...

I know I'm a geek, but I was totally tickled by that.

And while these two dose off on the couch..

I finished my first Debbie Bliss fingerless glove and casted-on for the second.

Monday, November 13, 2006

My Nana Crochets...

But this weekend I visited another Nana....Nana's Knitting Shop

Went in for just some wool soap and a quick browse around and fell in goodness the selection. Tons to look at and touch. Saw a great shrug done in thick ribbed Noro...very nice:) Then the green Debbie Bliss caught my eye...I've been looking for that certain yummy glove yarn. Plus, I checked it against my pumpkin clapotis so it doesn't clash. I'm not to afraid of color...hell, put red bandanna around my thigh and call me Punky Brewster. I've got Punky Power! oh boy...what a flash back. know I couldn't just leave that Lorna's Lace sitting there, right?

I couldn't help my self...I'm a sucker for socks:) Hey, in my defense...these are a gift for hubby. Good thing I have till Xmas to complete these bad boys...done on size 0 ...yes, you read that right, size Zero. Plus, when I get to the rib around the ankle, I have size 00 eyes are sore after working these toothpick needles. Yet the sock is coming out so great, yarn is super soft and I even forgot that they are a superwash, so no need to hand wash these either.

Was planning on showing some progress on my face clothes, but if certain people are reading this it would ruin the surprise. Take my word, I've got several done and hopefully I'll be able to finish all that I want in time. No pressure of course;)

Happy Knitting!

Friday, November 10, 2006

One November Day...

So, there I am at 11:30 last night determined to finish felting the strap to my gorgeous bag. Here is the shot of my peach sink -gotta love the '70s- with felting in progress.

And here is the strap once I was done...only 35 min later. The bag was super easy, just throw in Mr. Washie (as the Harlot would say) but this strap was all I had left of the green Cascade 220 and my gosh, I wasn't about to ruin the thing. So, I took my time felting this sucker.

With the strap complete...I present my gorgeous Entrlac Inspired Felted Bag...

This is how I look with the bag on my hip...not bad, considering this took 15 takes to get a good angle and not show off how huge my thighs are:)

Here is what is in my bag currently...knitting of course!

These are the contents outside of the fits everything I need for a bare bones project. Would have liked to have more room for a mag or book, but I don't think that it could hold the weight. I guess I'll just have to make another one:)

I should break this post up into sections, but hell, I'm on a roll and I'm sorry for all the pictures, but hell I've never been much of a writer...designer yes.

So, while felting is drying last night...I go searching thru the stash to locate any cotton I might have left over for my gifts...and I discover this:

I got this cotton yarn about a year ago at Knit n Knibble while visiting family in Florida. The pattern was this petal leafy design and for some odd reason I couldn't make the pattern out right..hell I frogged this sucker 4x and then threw it in the stash bin. I'll most likely go back to the pattern and figure it out, but this cotton will become something else in the mean time.

This is the spot where I messed up at...why would they tell you to connect those together to then have this bubble thing happen...oy.

And guess what I found while looking for cotton....

Oh Boy!! I was so ready to put this stuff on needles...but alas I said holiday gifts first. I'm thinking these will turn into xmas socks for hubby. He's always commenting that I haven't' knitted him anything. I guess it's time to shut him up!

Till next time...keep knitting:)

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Thursday, November 09, 2006

What a way to spend the day...

Spinning a wheel and making yarn.

This great sample was borrowed from Vicki at SnB last week and it's tons of fun - not much like knitting. It's different but I still get that "I'm Making Something From Nothing" feeling and I love that! Thanks Vic for the loner...what fun, you've now created a spinner out of me:) I'm so on the quest to find a good hand spindle and not sure where to go just yet. I'm buying some roving out of a catalog that lovely Theresa has con me are such an enabler:)

I was totally bummed when my camera stopped working at last nights SnB meeting. Mika showed off her lovely finished striped seed stitch blanket. The Main color was chocolate brown an the contrasting strips where array of colors that came close to a rainbow without it really being a rainbow. Aleta was also there showing off her amazing jeweled blue and coco ribbon shawl. Dang those batteries - oy!

Had to show off this cutie-pie that I love to squeeze.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

A Quick Wash

Nice way to finish the day is with a dose of Sugar'n Cream...oh-la-la.

I'll be having Peaches & Cream for the next couple of weeks...let the holiday gifts begin! Knitting up cotton takes a bit of getting used to. I prefer using metal needles, as it glides easier. And I'm finding more options out there when it comes to color choices...and with Lion Brands Newsletters that come via email there are plenty of stitch patterns to choose from.

Here was a quick mitten I made for my little's so bright, it glows:) perfect for my spunky monkey.

She just doesn't know exactly what to make of it.

Monday, November 06, 2006

Fabulous Felting

I knitted like the wind this weekend and finished my felted bag. Colors are gorgeous, entrelac texture is beautiful (although that's gone once felted) Must try this pattern out on another project...haven't thought what yet. This picture gives you an idea of how large the piece is Pre-Felt...hoping to fit same books inside once felted.

and yes, I'm a Stephen King fan...have only gotten thru the first chapter of this latest book Lisey's Story, and all I have to say is.."I can't wait to be sucked in." It happens at different times in a novel for me, sometimes with the first line, sometimes it takes half the story. But overall, I really enjoy his writing style.

Here is the piece with flap closed held by hubby who wishes to remain anonymous...Must be the embarrassment of my stash;)

So, I threw it in the wash and this is what I got.

It is totally fab-u-lous!! I did imagine the end product to be a bit larger...more messenger bag size instead I have a large purse. Once the piece is dry I will photograph it better and hopefully my books will fit. Not sure anything else will though. I knitted up a strip for the strap..and will need to be cautious when it comes to felting it. I don't want it to get too small.

I hope it's dry in time to show off to the SnB group on Wed show-n-tell!! Happy knitting!

Friday, November 03, 2006


National Blog Posting Month!!! Who knew you were suppose to post everyday and with me glancing at the calendar seeing November 3rd!!! I can't believe it...I've failed without even knowing it. I guess I can try and make up for it...

I've come up with an idea for holiday gifts, (All family members please don't read on...would hate to ruin the surprise) I'm going to knit up face/hand-cloths in different stitch patterns ...for one, it's a good practice on stitches and end result is a great usable gift. I'll then add some lovely handmade soaps, that I'll pick up somewhere...Any suggestions on a not-overly-priced-handsoap? I like making gifts for people, it represents a deep connection to the recipient. Have not gotten any bad responses from family on my cheap...opps, hand crafted unique gifts, but no award winning praises either. Not like I'm expecting some magical response. I just would like to know if they absolutely hate the stuff. I mean...I would rather know to buy a simple gift rather then taking my valuable time and energy in creating something memorable.

I think I've also come up with a solution to my felt bag strap issue. I'll knit a strip connecting the front with the back by picking up stitches, carrying over to the other side and picking up more stitches on the opposite side. The only down fall to that idea is that the strap wont be adjustable and without knowing how the felting will take, the strap could possible be to long for my I'm not so sure on that idea. I might have to rethink it.

I have no knitting pic's for you to see today, but a pic of MacKenzie will do just fine.