Monday, July 27, 2009

Not Much Else To Do...

My weekend started with our second vehicle and ONLY working vehicle up in smokes on the 294 tollway. Just how I wanted to spend my Friday night waiting for a tow, on 294, over the section of bridge that stretches over the Calumet river. A wind could easily blow you over this low bearing wall ultimately leading to your death some hundreds of feet down.

This is where my mind goes at 4 am in the morning while trying to stay awake. With no working car we where left to hang out at the house and so what did I do this weekend. I made pie.

I got a little adventurous and added raisins and almonds on the bottom. Yum!

The Faery Ring is at the point of cable bodice and so I'm patiently waiting for the designer to update the pattern.

During the Torchwood Children of Earth mini series I finished up with the Starsky Jr. cardigan for Miss Mac. I still need buttons and then I'll do a proper finished object post with all the spec's.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Midwest Fiber & Folk Art Festival 2009

On Saturday I tagged along with Miss A and Tammy (aka: Darthknitter) up to Crystal Lake to see some fiber. There didn't seem to be as many vendors this year, but it sure felt like there was more buyers. The clouds threatened us with rain drops, but none fell while we were there.

Miss A scored in the Briar Rose booth with this little lovely. Isn't it just awesome that she's having BR custom dye a big batch for her new big project. How fun!

The alpacas were back again from the Prairie Creek Alpacas farm and what a delight they are to see.

Just so darn cute you want to take them home.

Just about wanted to steal these bags right off the shelf.

I also bumped into Karin (aka: knittypitty) under the big tent trying out her skills in hand dying some sock yarn. That looked like lots of fun and I can't wait to see the finished skein.

After walking around the whole venue about 3 times, I couldn't get my mind off this little funky Trindle. So, I went back to see if it was still around and was lucky to bring it home with me.

I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend, I know I did!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Loads of Knitting To Do

When change comes in your life you sometimes have to take a breath and step back and ponder over how you've come to be where you are. I've been doing a lot of pondering and stepping back. Change has come to our little part of the world and I'm constantly trying to look at the bright side. There are tons of things to be thankful for and to dwell on the negative will never help my family nor my own peace of mind.

We will not be moving anytime soon, BUT I have a beautiful bathroom that is all mine. Things could be worse and when I'm needing a little therapy I always turn to my knitting.

A couple of weeks ago I started a cardigan for Miss Mac. It's a free pattern from Knitty named: Starsky Jr.

The cables in the pattern create these tree like branches and leaf like textures that makes it a fun knit. The yarn is a superwash Cascade 220 because I can't have this sweater destroyed in the wash the first time it slips past in the endless piles of laundry.

Fronts and back are complete and I've moved on to the sleeves. The purple is really hard to photograph and it never really looks right in any photo. I'm hoping to have this done in time for Miss Mac's birthday come the end of August. I don't think I'll have too much of an issue getting that done.

The other project that is on the needles right now is the Faery Ring (Ravelry Link). It has been a little fiddly with the up turned hem on the bottom and then picking up more ridiculous amounts of stitches to work my way up the jacket. sigh. I'm to the point of the stockinette body which is good for movies and car rides, but really isn't to distracting.

I better be on my toes, because before you know it I'll toss this sucker off to the side and start another project. Hummmm, what was my next project going to be?

Monday, July 13, 2009

FO: Celtic Icon

Pattern: Celtic Icon (Ravelry link) by Fiona Ellis from Inspired Cable Knits

Yarn: 8 skeins Shelridge Farm Soft Touch DKW

Needles: US 5 circular

Started: May 1, 2009

Finished: July 11, 2009

Comments: The original pattern is a done up in two colors and with Shelridge wool and cotton blend. I didn't care for the feel of that added cotton and choose the 100 percent wool in a robins egg blue instead.

Besides for my yarn choice I had no other modifications. I did find that the pattern was a bit finicky in the construction. The project is built with the idea that there are different color sections and had I taken some time to figure those sections out, I could have avoided some needless seeming issues.

The zipper was purchased from ZipperStop after I had seemed the pieces and was able to get a good measure. I chose to go with another 2-ending zipper as I love being able to keep my garments closed without stretching out the hip section and added ease for pockets.

I've been on the search of different photo shoot locations to get some proper Finished shots. I've scoped out this gorgeous rustic red barn that just screams perfect... unfortunately I believe there are residences on the property.

I don't think it would be ideal for me to wind up locked up on trespassing charges;) yet I sooooooo totally wanted to take pictures there. sigh.

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Kids Got Talent

I hope everyone had a lovely Independence Day, I know we did. Here are a few shots of Miss Mac doing her thing.

She's such a ham, that when the camera comes out she's all about the pose;)
Anyone know of a good modeling agency?

In Knitting News, the Celtic Icon only needs a zipper and it's in the mail as I type. So look out for a Finished Photoshoot to hopefully come soon.