Thursday, March 29, 2007

WARNING! Long Post...

I’m tired and I feel very talk/talk today...or is it more write-y/write-y...ah, you see how bad I am.

So, I’ll start with my reasons for lack of sleep. The Stitch ‘n Bitch gals really know how to get me going. Last night I brought my yarn samplings to the group and found an urge to cast-on for another pair of socks...I know, I know...the other pair are still not done. Hold on it gets better. To tell you the truth, I don’t know if I like this yarn at all...I’m on the verge of giving the yarn away, but in my haste...I think I’m just sleepy. I made my yarn cakes last night.

This was only one skein that I separated into two. I was pretty good at measuring. Make one cake, weigh, re-wind smaller cake, weigh, cut yarn, re-wind left over, weigh. I got it to 45g on one ball then 43g on the other...not bad. The journey to get this SHITTY difficult yarn to behave on the ball winder was soooo not worth my precious time. The yarn is TOFUtsies ...yes, it’s spelled that way....sigh. The fiber content is: 50% Superwash Wool, 25% Soysilk, 22.5% Cotton and 2.5% Chitin. I should have known. I wound the yarn a total of 6 times and every time...I get yarn vomit. The yarn is super thin, that I pulled out size 0 and casted on. My gauge is coming out to 10 stitches an inch...that’s 90 cast-on stitches. The yarn is splitty and it took me an hour just to knit a 2 inch gauge swatch. After some sleep I’ll try them on size 1 needles and see if that’s any better. The bity swatch isn’t half bad on texture and would make great summer socks, but the pain in the arse just to knit them is huge.

Okay..Moving On.

So, after having to DEAL with that yarn, I knew I had to cast-on for my Central Park Hoodie. Thanks to Knitterary for helping on the measurements and to give me a good push. I was a bit intimidated by the whole “New Project” and wanting and needing it to turn out JUST RIGHT. I’m going up in size and here is a photo of the cast on ribbing for the back panel. Oh Joy.

By this time at night, it’s roughly 1:30 am and I realize that I have a meeting with my son’s teacher in the morning. Bla....five hours of sleep...doesn’t make for a good Thursday.

Then on the way to work I was thinking...I don’t believe I’ve explained why I call my darling little girl “Stinky.” I mean, I love other bloggers who have pet names for their kids, like Thumber, Lemon, Miss Z and so forth...and if any of you reading this blog might think that she actually stinks, I would hate for you to think that. I know I’m rambling, so if your interested...I’m going to tell.

Most nicknames have a story and my little girl has a story worth telling. She is a very nonverbal kid and for a long time I was questioning whether she was on target for her age. You know, all the thoughts that go through a mothers mind. I was thinking, hearing loss? No she’s okay...speech problem? Nope, she just chooses to point and grunt...that is by 18 months, she would only say 5 words. Most children her age were speaking almost full sentences, and if not at least knew objects, colors and the ideal 20 – 30 word vocabulary.

If you have read back some time ago, I have this Weird thing about feet...mostly I love baby feet, and to be more specific I love my children’s feet. My son who is 11 has man feet and I wont go near them, but Miss Mac has the best baby toes that you could ever want;) Since she was little, changing routines where very informative. We would sing about tummys and belly buttons, cheeks and chins, arms and elbows. I’m a poet and I didn’t even know it. Anywoo, I would get to the socks and slip them off and smell her feet. Oh, the faces I would make. These Stink, Pee-eww I would say...and we would both laugh until tears would fall down our cheeks. Any opportunity for a stinky connection...and it became our little thing that we did and we would both laugh. She has a great laugh. So as time went on, she would start to mimic me, by waving of her hand near her nose, until one day she too replied “Dis-Stink”. It became her signature response to everything. “What’s dat ummy?” ...oh, that’s a car sweetie... “Dis-Stink” .... “What’s dat ummy?” ...oh, that’s your Daddy sweetie... “Dis-Stink” --it naturally just became her question of the world and her reaction to the world. She has moved on to other phases in her life, and more words – thank goodness, but she will always be My Stinky.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Random Wednesday

An update on my Socks That Rock...ribbing is coming along great and I feel these will look fantastic in the end. No trick-ery of the camera...I've blurred out the background, because I don't want to have the legal department after me. My pile of paperwork is so thick I can't remember what color the top was. Time for some spring cleaning, huh?

And of course, a picture of my little stinky in the morning taking me to work. Had to capture that smile to take it with me for my day. It brightens me up every time and I'm hoping it does for you too.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

If I Have Left Overs...

Check that out...that's the yarn I'm knitting the Central Park patterns at Berroco and if I have left overs I could have a purse to go with;)

Rockin' The Socks

With of course...Socks That Rock (STR).

Started these socks on Sunday night and of course I'm doing them toe-up. The yarn was from a purchase at the Stitches Midwest last year and let me just say...yummmm. I now see what the rave is about. The yarn just slips through your hands like But-ta. The colorway is Dutch Canyon which I don't think is available anymore. I'm liking the interesting color palate, but was getting a bit bored, so I'm adding a spiral rib, here is a better shot in real daylight:

I like it, but not sure if it really works with all these colors. It's just socks, so it's not like you can have bad socks right?

Hubby has gotten gainful employment. It's not much, part-time at UPS, but it's a start and we don't need to locate daycare for little miss stinky pants just yet. Although, with her pointing out letters at random...she may need the pre-school action sooner then we thought.

Cheers to all and happy knitting;)

Sunday, March 25, 2007

More Knitters Represent

Wow...just surfing the net for more representing knitters and here is what I’ve found.

Wooly Buns has a some great shots of Guido’s poster (designed by me...hehe - just click on the photos to see them larger) LOVE seeing things in action and it’s great that I could help out and be apart of the fun;)

Kimberly has a great run down of the representing day...and who also guest starred on a great podcast with It's a Purl Man --listen in and you'll almost feel like you were there.

Sit n Knit captured knitters, knitted items, bloggers and sooooo much more.

Wooly Belle’s Photos has a tons to show off.

Wooly Eyes was there and Represented.

Mason Dixon has an amazing display of the sock meet up in the park.

Lincoln Blog got some clips off the TV of the Today Show event.

Knitting News:
I’ve swatched for the Central Park Hoodie and emailed the members over at the Knit-Along. I ended up tossing the Classic Elite over to the side. I’ve got some ideas for a future project and ended up pulling out my Berroco Ultra Alpaca in hunter green.

I’ve gotten gauge by going up in needle size, but row gauge is still off. I’ll just have to make sure the length isn’t too off. Definitely knitting certain pieces together to keep them as symmetrical as possible. My only major decision at this point is to figure out which size to knit. I’m a perfect 40 inch bust and the pattern has a 40 in pattern, but does this mean that it will be fit and form fitting? Should I go up to the next size...which is 44 inches. I knit loose as it is, and from what I’ve read the pattern is on the smaller size. I wonder if this “smaller” talk has anything to do with peoples tension or actual gauge and pattern. I don’t want a form fitting hoodie, yet I also don’t want swim in the garment either. Oy...the torment.

Boy, oh boy...this post is turning into a story. I also finished my gorgeous, Ambrosia Lace socks. The joys of a finished object....delicious. Take a look at my pictures (please ignore the hairy legs):

Knitters Represent

Even though it was only for a few minutes...knitters were on TV!! Guido with his Charlie brown hat...awww just so cool and I think that's Kimberly next to him. Keep up the great work guys!!

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Knitting Like the Wind

On to the cuff of my Ambrosia Lace socks. I don't have much yarn left, so I'm hoping I get some rib and could I push the envelope and end it with a picot edge? I'm going to temp the knitting gods.

Made my Berroco Ultra Alpaca yarn per my knitting buddy Knitterary's suggestion, I think I'll swatch this up and see if it qualifies for a Central Park Hoodie...I may have had my yarn all along and didn't even know it.

And is it me or is the knitting/blog universe holding it's breath in anticiption of the Harlot Knitters Represent launch in NY? Oh, Stephanie...those who couldn't make the journey with you, were there in spirit.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Ambrosia Heels

Ambrosia: food of the Greek and Roman gods /or/ something extremely pleasing to taste or smell --- how about to the touch??? oh yeah baby...

I don’t know if it’s just me in a time warp or what, but I think I’m knitting faster? Could it possible be...a heel forming before your very eyes?

Oh yes...on to the leg. I have really come to love knitting toe-up on two circular needles. You maximize your yardage and get the full sock out of each ball. The Ambrosia yarn (French Blue) only has 137 yards in each ball, so even if I just get ankle socks...I’ll be happy.

Monday, March 19, 2007

The Run Down...

Even though I had plenty of knitting time set aside for this weekend. I didn’t get much accomplished and that’s okay. I had a great time hanging with Mary Bridget on Saturday afternoon. We ventured out to Wool and Company in Geneva. Gosh, I was struck by how quant the little town is. Wouldn’t mind going back to see more the the yarn shop and of the local scene.

MB’s got this booby thing happening over on her side of the knitting universe. (hehe, booby...I know I’m still 12) She has just launch a blog called Knit-A-Tit which is a knit along dedicated to supporting breast cancer research by knitting fun, funky hand-knitted breast prostheses. Go check it out.

Also, I had a great opportunity to play my part in the Knitters Represent march on NY this coming Thursday. If you haven’t been keeping up with the Harlot and her book launch, then go check out what she has in store. Watch out NY, your in for treat. Well, any-who...I’ve been listen to Guido who produces a podcast called It’s a Purl Man. He requested a slogan for knitters and hopefully the design of a poster for his Today Show quest on Thursday. I certainly couldn’t let the man go without some artistic knitter symbol...right? My first design did win the ultimate opportunity of showcasing, but I did help him restructure another submission and I’m more then pleased to share this with you too:

Set your Tivo’s...or if your like me, the damn VCR to Thursday and tape the morning Today Show. I soooo hope he get on camera!! We need to swamp the media with our pointy sticks.

Oh...maybe I should show you some knitting? Okay...if you insist.

I’m so piss right now. Can you believe that this is practically the whole ball? Yes, people...the damn CPH swatch is coming out great and this swatch is only 5 in by 10 in....sigh. Oh, and to make it even gauge is completely off. --sniff-sniff--

Okay...onto something else...Ambrosia Lace socks....

Cool huh? Oh, yeah own pattern and it’s coming together super quick. I knitted the whole section of lace just from last night till this morning train commute. I’m happy something in my knitting universe is going good;)

Wow! What a long post. I think that’s all I wanted to say for now, till next time folks...just keep knitting.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Calling All Fiber Lovers!

Froebe Fibers is a new hand dyed yarn that is finally on the market for all you yarn addicts and I had the pleasure of knitting the Tequila Sunrise colorway.

All of their yarns are 100% Peruvian wool and lightly spun without the threat of splitting. It knits up quick and is a very durable yarn that is soft to the touch and works well for socks. I also love that the Froebe Fibers produces very unique color patterns and with five colorways to chose can’t go wrong.

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Happy Green Day!

Time to celebrate the green stuff in my life:

The only plant I haven't killed yet.

Of course...there is my bag and the knitting practically falling into my lap;)

Little Mac's room is filled with fantastic green and pink stuff.

At any random moment you will find frogs in my home. I've got a soft spot for them.

It wouldn't be a knitting blog if I didn't show you some green yarn.Right?yes. Gosh I almost forgot I had some of this stuff in my stash. Do any of you love the smell of the fiber when you open your stash bin? It's close to heaven.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

What's Next...

With the Pullover off the needles and into the wardrobe, I get to swatch for my next big project...

The Central Park Hoodie from Knit Scene (Fall 2006) ~the dilemma for me is that extra twist in the yarn and if it will take away from the cables. This yarn is the Classic Elite Bazic Superwash Wool...very squishy, yummy chocolate-ty goodness and folks - my husband wont shrink it. I'm going to knit some more of this swatch and see if I truly have gauge.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

And I will Call It George...

Don’t know if you remember the old Bugs Bunny cartoon, but that’s how I feel about my FINISHED!! Alpaca Lace Pullover. I will hug it, and squeeze it, and love it...and I will call it George.

Pattern: One-Piece Lace Pullover from Interweave Knits (Spring 2006)
Yarn: Finger Weight Alpaca in Fawn color (I believe it was handspun – bought it from Stitches Midwest 2006)
Needles: US 4
Start Date: October, 2006
End Date: March 13, 2007
Jail Time: All of December and January

Without further ado...

Me trying to take un-burry photos....

Trying to be cute...and in the end...

My co-worker (also fiber lover) helped take this one for the blog. Thanks L for doing it;)

Comments: The pattern repeat was easy to remember, skipped doing the Purl stitches because I used stitch markers to stay on task. Great basic way to create a sweater and will keep the construction for future projects. Warning to all who are tempting to knit, stay aware of the 7th stitch as it is the drop stitch in the pattern. If you happen to do a quick increase or decrease off this stitch it will create a obvious mistake on the finished product.

I don’t even know if I should tell you about the neckline on this sweater. It’s very embarrassing to say the least and I feel like I should have been more in control of my knitting. Granted this is only my second sweater, the first was an original design that was given away as a gift. I almost want to say, that I want it back...first sweater love and all, but I know it’s in the right hands;) But I digress...last night I was finishing the crochet boarders, weaved in ends, slipped it over my head and got stuck. Yes, stuck. The neckline was very large in the end and decided to seam the edges to make up for it...easy. Right? no. I seemed to far...made the neck too small. From one extreme to the other. I unraveled the border and re-crocheted the neck. I was laughing so hard at myself but was determined to wear this baby today.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Ode To Crochet

I just have to give thanks to Annies Attic for providing an extensive video tutorial on crochet methods. If you interested, click on Stitching can get lost among the clips;) So far I’ve seemed the sides and sleeves. Last bit to do is the boarder edging. Not difficult at all, once you understand what your doing. The next showing will be of me wearing it...hoping for the perfect photo-weather, which is totally possible with record highs in Chicago...gosh it’s almost 74 degrees today!!

Does anyone else find it odd, to see ice skaters in this weather?

I will show you a pic of my current socks. I finally got these toes on the needles after many repeats and start-overs. Yarn is keep up pretty well too, considering the abuse I put it thru.

Now, I just have to figure a lace pattern to work in a 30/60 stitch repeat. I may perhaps come up with my own design...oh, if you want to see some awesome sock designs Cookie A. has her own collection of socks patterns...quite unique.

Monday, March 12, 2007

A Little March Madness

You know I would often sometimes read about other knitters and how they despised seeming their finished pieces together. Some of the seeming I’ve done has been quite pleasant and I actually looked forward to that time when I was almost done. Let me just say here and now. I hate seeming! and most likely it’s because of the type of material. The alpaca is just so hard to read, plus the pattern has so many yarn-overs that there are holes where a pick-up ladder is to be. I’ve finished the two sleeves, but gosh...painful. I wont even tell how painful the crocheted side seems are. I don’t crochet and anything more then a single crochet chain and I’m lost. I just about wanted to scream and what’s worse is that the magazine doesn’t clearly show how-too’s at all. Note To All Designers & Publicists: if your going to reference to a back tutorial section in your magazine...then please look at said material to see if it actually shows that information instead of some generic idea. So, now I get to surf the net and decipher what the hell a 4 sc and a slip crochet is, then hopefully understand how they work to seem my lovely sweater together.

In other news, had a very filled weekend....

Family get-together to celebrate the life of Martha Carpenter (aka: Mom)...she was an awesome woman and anyone who knew her was blessed. Here is Brother-in-Law with little man-T and Sister-In-law enjoying a photo moment right after dinner.

And why not add a little South Side Irish Parade into the mix...

Now more knitting news? Ambrosia Lace Socks...start, re-start and re-re-start. Okay, I’m too embarrassed to even mention how many times I’ve restarted these socks. I started doing the top down on two circ’s, hated it then decided to go back to my usual toe-up and can’t get the right gauge to save my self. Oy. Having a head cold does nothing but make me want to toss in the towel.

Friday, March 09, 2007


Sounds like a great number? It sure is. That’s how many stitches I have before you think I’m a tad obsessed? Of course you do. The thing for me is I’ve done this sleeve so many times over that I feel like it will never end. Care for a picture? Sure is some nice yarn p0rn to get you thru.

Ha! Ha!! Fooled Ya!! I got this sucker off the needles and I’m still thinking there is something off about it...the bad part about this pattern is that there is no precise way for measuring the length on the sleeve. One looks longer then the other and I’ll have to do some serious measuring when I get home. The alpaca is very hairy and springy and gives me false numbers. But, it’s done and on it’s way to having a bath, some seaming then of course I have to buy a under garment to wear with it. I hear Shopping, ringing in my ear. I just wish I would have brought another knit project for me to play with on the train ride home. My hands will just have to stroke the alpaca as I anticipate the way this sucker is going to look on me;)

On a side note. I have figured out what MY issue is...hormones. A new birth-control has pushed me to a place I hate to go. I lash out at others and for those who I can’t afford to lash out at, I then go the opposite route...cry. The tears start to stream and it’s serious river time. I did talk to my doc about this issue, for I seem to not have such a B**** of a time off the pill. He suggested the NuvaRing. It claims to give less ups and downs on that emotional rollercoaster. I’m hoping that it will take a few months for my body to regulate.

Thursday, March 08, 2007

My Thursday Rant

So, you would think that I would be posting about blocking, seaming and perhaps wearing the gorgeous alpaca lace pullover....right? Well, no. Since I began the remaining left sleeve, I have had to rip it out not once, not twice, but a third time last night. Why? What could possibly be my issue? I’m just a dumbass...First was the excited, seeing the light at the end of tunnel scenario. Second was a miss guided forgetful “Oh, I really should decrease in order to gain proper shape” and the last was caught at midnight last night after knitting a good 4 inches from the SnB meeting. I missed a dropped stitch where a final decrease was needed. Oy! Okay...I’m back to needing 8 more inches before binding off. I’m not going to post a picture as it would look exactly the same as from the last post.

On another note, I visited Knitwerks on the south side of Chicago this afternoon. It’s a pretty new yarn store that was suggested by some Chicago Guild member I meet at the Stitches Salon. My day started with the SVP catching a bug up his butt and coming to me to extract it. I swear I was in the office but 6 minutes. Sat down at my computer, popped up the emails and started to filter 20 different each one fully, notice said emails had been printed and stacked on my desk...just incase I didn’t see my inbox. He then walks in to say “Did you get all that?” this man, who was just on a long weekend vacation and only back two days is off again on anther long holiday. I told him that I saw what was needed but I truly don’t understand it fully yet but will start to generate job numbers and get the ball rolling. He then dashes into my office and declares that he spent hours filtering the information and preparing downloads for all said projects and if I didn’t understand it then he would walk me thru it. WHAT!!!! I literally just sat down, haven’t finished my elixir of life to deal with this red-headed satin. WHY was he doing this to me? Usually I’m pretty hell bent on sticking back and standing strong, but with the emotional tide running over me, I was over whelmed with the need to escape. now you see why I went to the yarn store this afternoon? I paid ...did you see...paid for a cab to take me...our motto should be “cascade take me away”...hahaha... Now, let me start with here to see their website... I’ll wait while you check it out... Pay attention to the flash photos on the website. The one photo of black shelves full of you see it? That’s it folks. I paid money to go to a yarn store that has about the same amount of stash I have in my home. Okay, I fib...they do have more then me, but come on? I was totally disappointed. The store is small, but they’re not stocking the place up with enough. They had the Trekking, the Claudia Hand Painted, Rowen, some Cascade....but I want more!! I’m sure they had more colorways in the back stock room, but one long shelf and a short curvy thing is not kicking it. I’m glad I went, but I sure wont be going back.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

I Heart Socks That Rock

If you’ve been around the blog-vers, then you might be aware that everyone is receiving there first Rockn’ Socks Club packages. I’m super jealous....I sooooo want that!!! Check out Alyssa for a sneak-peak. I then decided to not get too upset, instead I signed up for their newsletter, which will also put me in running for next years club. It’s not cheep, but who said hobbies passions obsessions are cheep? I must say have you seen the Lagoon? To-die-for!!

Monday, March 05, 2007

Guess What?

I knitted like the wind....and guess how far I've flown?

Oh, yeah baby! I've reached the point where I bound off for the left sleeve. I get to enjoy only a 66 stitch repeat, so you know I'm just moments away from blocking, and wearing. Here is a close up of the dropped stitches. I can totally see the light at the end of the tunnel.

The only set back is where I have to crochet an edging on the neckline, cuffs and bottom end. Not too scary, but still...I can't believe it's almost done!!!

Sunday, March 04, 2007

All For Love

How is it possible that knitting can create so many emotions. A deep love for soft, smooth texture slipping through your fingers. The hypnotic rhythm in the pattern and feeling the garment take shape. An over looming dought that what your doing will end in tragedy. Faith in yourself, that you’ve done everything possible and everything will be alright in the end. An over whelming urge to throw the whole thing across the room and pick-up some socks instead. Because you you’ve just realized the neckline is twice the size it should be and could only look okay if it was A) 1982 or B) said garment is for some Big Head Sasquatch ~okay, so I do have a particularly large noggin, but I swear it’s just the hair.

I have 2 more inches before I bind-off for the left sleeve...I’m in the home stretch ladies and gents and you know what?’s only yarn and I can always mend a large neckline. Right?

I also did a little of this...

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Will This Ever End?

I don’t see an end in sight...I love knitting it, I love the yarn, pattern is easy to remember, but is it wrong for me to want to wear this damn lovely lace pullover? I’m STILL on the body. Working the 74th row and only 44 more to go before venturing onto the sleeve. Here is the current photo. It doesn't looks any different from this apologies...I really have add about and inch.

I have so many projects that I want to work on too, but if I don’t get this done, I’m afraid I wont get to enjoy wearing it. Because if your not from around here, there are really only 2 seasons... frigid and baked. But I could be wrong, wearing it to the office – where the a/c is on year round probably wont be my issue.

I think I have found a solution to my problem on the brown-chocolate-goodness of the Classic Elite...

Pattern is by Loop-d-loop

Isn’t this cute? Don’t think I would do the bare arm thing and can totally see adding a silk blouse under it....and don’t know if it’s right for my yarn or budget. I just don't know if I should be knitting the Central Park Hoodie in that Elite. The gals last night said it would look great...and I can almost be swayed. So, my big dilemma is now wondering about drape. This Classic Elite is very squishy with what seems like a very lovely pull and give to it. The other yarn I was thinking of is the Knit Picks merino, which is totally cheaper, cutting the cost to one third. I almost think that the Knit Picks wouldn't be very cuddly. I know Mary Bridget's sweater was very structured and gorgeous...I'm really at a cross-roads. I don't want to skip out on myself by saving a few the end it will take me months to knit and I will most likely have this hoodie for years. If you have any thoughts, please leave a comment...thank you.