Thursday, May 31, 2007

It's June Already???

Can you believe that it's June tomorrow and my son will be 12 in approx 27 days...I'm so old. I swear I'm not going out without a fight!! In my desperate need to feel young again...I went after my hair. Do you remember this before photo:

Yeah, the salon did nothing to improve it and with Eight Bucks down, I'm not spending yarn budget for another least not for a while. Gotta love the head messages. Anywho...took scissors and did some cutting. Looking back at that before photo...I think I took a lot off. I don't even know if I like it all that much, but there are moments where I see my self in the mirror and go 'Cool'.

Here is my latest look...

Loving the layers. Loving the shape. Nice and light for the hot days that are already here. Hey, if anything, hair grows.


I'm really starting to fall in love with this project. I like how it drapes in my lap when I'm knitting it and can tell it will be a Smashing Hit to my least this coming fall;)

There are some tricky parts in the pattern, but when you actually think about it, the designer did it smart. The armholes have stockinette built into the pattern. Perfect for when I'm picking up and seeming the arms on. I'm on the fast track part now and before you know it, I'll be working the sleeves. Which, I'm totally thinking of knitting together on two circ's, just like I do with my socks. I'll have to read through the pattern to see if there could possibly be any hang ups, but why would there be?


Knitterary said...

Yeah, I have to admit to feeling a bit of thermal envy last night. The pattern and the yarn together are sooooooooo gorgeous.

Happy Haircut! It looks great!

Rebecca said...

Your hair looks fantastic!!!

Merry Gentlemen said...

Hmm. I'm having thermal envy as well. There is some Gloss in my stash...