Callahan Cable Blanket
Enjoy creating a wonderful memory with symbols of love, family and forever more. You can read more about it here.

Gannon-Main2Gannon ebook
The Gannon ebook contains a hat, cowl and mittens that works up quickly in Aran weight yarn. You can read more about it here.

WoobieEbook-500pxWoobie Collection Series 1
This series contains 8 Woobies: Bunny, Bear, Monkey, Puppy, Giraffe, Kitty, Lamb and Zebra.

WoobieEbook2-500pxWoobie Collection Series 2
This second series contains 8 Woobies: Owl, Elephant, Duck, Piggy, Unicorn, Froggy, Princess and Dragon.

WoobieBunny-headWoobie Baby Bunny
Has it been one of those horrible, no good, very bad days where you just want to move to Australia? Then perhaps you need a little Woobie to snuggle with.

WoobieElephan-faceWoobie Elephant
The Woobie Elephant is always there when you need a friend. Cast-on Today!

WoobieFrog-faceWoobie Froggy
The Woobie Froggy is ready for hoppin. Cast-on Today!

WoobieUnicorn-faceWoobie Unicorn
The Woobie Unicorn is full of magic and mystery. Cast-on Today!

WoobieOwl-faceWoobie Owl
The Woobie Owl is very wise. Cast-on Today!

WoobieZebra-face2Woobie Zebra
The Woobie Zebra is ready to listen to your wishes and dreams. Cast-on Today!

WoobieDuck-faceWoobie Duck
The Woobie Duck is ready to dive into fun. Cast-on Today!

puppy-faceWoobie Puppy
The Woobie Puppy is always ready for an adventure. Cast-on Today!

woobieGiraffe-faceWoobie Giraffe
The Woobie Giraffe is playful and energetic. Cast-on Today!

WoobieDragon-faceWoobie Dragon
The Woobie Dragon is ready to storm the castle. Cast-on Today!

WoobiePrincess-faceWoobie Princess
The Woobie Princess is ready to stick by your side no matter what. Cast-on Today!

WoobiePig-faceWoobie Piggy
The Woobie Piggy is a little cheeky. Cast-on Today!

woobie-lamb-faceWoobie Lamb
The Woobie Lamb is sweet and just a little sleepy. Cast-on Today!

KittyFaceWoobie Kitty
The Woobie Kitty is a great snuggler and would make a great addition to any baby shower gift. Cast-on Today!

MonkeyFaceWoobie Monkey
The Woobie Monkey is ready for Danger and Adventure. Cast-on Today!

UnicornFaceCloseFluffy Unicorn
Discover something a little magical!

WoobieBearFaceWoobie Bear
The Woobie Bear is a great snuggler and would make a great addition to any baby shower gift. Cast-on Today!

This textured tam will have you looking stunning for whatever mood you’re in. Hipster chic or dressed to impress, this tam gives just enough slouch to make you fabulous on your best or worst day.