Friday, May 18, 2007

Mothers Day

Mom finally received her Mother's Day gift in the mail. I know you said you liked them, but you wont hurt my feelings if you don't. Now, that I think about it...I'm sure I bought fabric paint to put on the bottoms so they don't slip. opps!

After finishing these and trying them on, I don't think I will make my self a pair...if I did then I will surly change things. It might just be the mistakes I made along the way, but the SnB gals told me "Felting Fixes Every Mistake"...

Not sure if you remember this picture from a couple of weeks ago:

That's my little Mac with the secret project on her head. Yep, she thought it was a hat. Go ahead and say it....awwwwwww.

Here is the finished and dried slippers. That whole drying process takes a long time. These suckers took 3 days. So, even though it's a quick knit (2 work day commutes - easily a weekend project) just take in mind a 3 day dry and you'll be okay.

One quick little's not knitting related. Has anyone sent out packages since the price increase? My goodness..Ouch! I sent my Gram a book for her birthday and it cost 5.65 to mail...a book, think heavy. Now, I send slippers and it's 8.65. How is that possible. They are super light. There slippers for Gods-sake!!


Rebecca said...

you should send a book via media mail.

$8? That's ridiculous!

Knitterary said...

Yeah, if it was a book, you probably paid media mail rates, which are cheaper.

That $8.65 sounds like the flat rate box price. Those used to be a good bargain, but not so much if you're shipping something light.

I bet FedEx is cheaper than the post office now.