Friday, December 29, 2006

Oh, What a Good Day...

First, I have an update on knits...

Yes, it's another Brick pattern dishcloth done up on Sugar 'n Cream cotton. This pattern is so easy, this is number 3 and I can't wait to make one for my self.

Second update is on how much I love my hubby...he did really good this xmas.

Drigger has approved the usage of this tool.

Yep, he got me a ball winder. I love it! The yarn on the winder is Jawoll superwash. Great greens, purples and a very uniqe striped pattern. I'll most likely do two socks on two circ's. Hoping to get more progess on these socks on New Years Eve. I'll keep you updated.

And, here is where me and the gals went this afternoon. Kool Knits in Naperville is going out of business - what a great store and it's a sad moment for all knitters. Look at the great yarn I got. Regia crazy color sock yarn, Suri Merino in burnt orange and purple, then there is the great pile of hunter green Berroco Ultra Alpaca to do a celtic cable sweater.

Thursday, December 28, 2006

I Wana Play!

Okay, so I've been blogging around and seeing everyone's top 6 wierd things about themselves and wanted to post along too. I really don't know 6 bloggers personally (Rebecca is Tagged), but if your reading this consider yourself tagged! If you don't have a blog, then leave a comment with your list of odd things.

THE RULES: Each player of this game starts with the ‘6 weird things about you.’ People who get tagged need to write a blog post of their own 6 weird things as well as state this rule clearly. In the end, you need to choose 6 people to be tagged and list their names. Don’t forget to leave a comment that says ‘you are tagged’ in their comments and tell them to read your blog.

1. I love smell of all kinds. Even stinky ones. Like... I adore smelling MacKenzie's feet...I know, wierd. She's only 2, so their still baby feet to me:) Where as my son, who's 11, I wont go near him...he has "man" feet now, that's just gross. But smells of fresh cut grass and a new leather coat, sigh.

2. I'm a nervous picker...scabs, chapped lips. Knitting helps:)

3. I love to drive fast. I think I was a race car driver in another life. I drive safe, but I do always have this urge to go, go, go!

4. I have to sleep with some kind of blanket and have one foot sticking out. It helps regulate the tempature, of course.

5. I sucked my thumb till I was 9.

6. I'm obsessed with preventing bad breath. I might not have it, but I'm always looking to pop gum or a mint in my mouth just in case.

Check these fellow bloggers and there wierd things too:
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Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Knitters Review Gift Exchange

I can't wait any longer...I'm just so pumped to show this off. My knitting buddy Chelsey from the West coast was my gift exchange partner from the Knitters Review. This was the first time that I've done something like this and it was a blast. We exchanged email addresses and learned a lot about each other. I then received this package in the mail and my gosh! Thank you so much Chelsey!!

There is See's chocolates, vanilla almond tea, a gorgeous needle holder wrap and lets not forget the super yummy merino Claudia hand painted yarn. Tons of cranberry and golden caramels...great yarn. I've actually knit with this stuff before and love, love, love it!!

And here is what I sent Chelsey. If you haven't received the package yet...stop now:)

Inside is hand baked ginger snap cookies, glass stitch markers, a knit and crochet book to log your projects and supplies and of course there is yarn...nothing like hunter green alpaca to make your day!! Enjoy Chelsey, it was truly fabulous to do this and I can't wait to do it again.

Monday, December 25, 2006

Tis the Season...

for a little stuffed stocking moment...

Nothing like chocolate and goodies to make Christmas morning just right. And as I promised here is the "sock" that just couldn't get finished. I'm going to blame the cat on this one because I refuse to admit it.

Kiddies get up and just before all hell breaks loose, I captured a happy moment.

In the end I finished the socks and gave them over to the man of the house. He loves them and claims them to be the softest pair he's ever had. Now, I feel that he'll want more...I'm I being a tad selfish in wanting a pair for my self?

I Must Confess

I confess to you all. I've failed as a knitter. I will walk the line of shame come four hours from now. I'm ready and set with full pictures of this scandal, but choose to pre-post my xmas non-done-hubby-sock. Oh, yes...I hear your sighs...your Oh No's...I too am hurt by my lack of sock-just need 6 more rows of k2p2 rib. I'm throwing in the towel. It is currently 3:30 am...the time of which I loved to wake up as a small-still-believes in Santa Kris. But, I digress. Forgive my post...I promise to you all that I will finish to socks...and before it reaches the 26th of December.

Happy Holidays everyone.

To be continued....

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

SNB Holiday Gift Exchange

Oh, what fun was had by all...a story was told, goodies where eaten, a lot of laughs from all around - we even had an new member join in on the fun.

First off...Here is a pictures of the gift I put together for tonights exchange. See what's dangling from the handle??? Yep, handmade stitch markers...very easy to make too, I'll see if I can locate the online instructions.

Aleta is the lucky winner in the Holiday Exchange...which included a skein of yarn that is a 50% wool and 50% alpaca blend in a slate gray. The other item is the 2007 knitting calendar - a pattern for each day of the year!!

Once the Knitting story was complete, this is what was in my lap. Thank you Jen...this is truely awesome. Love, Love, Love the blue Cascade wool. I'm sure I'll want to make these felted slippers for every member of my family.

Just look at these lovely ladies...I had a blast, thank you all - Happy Holidays.

Stitchin' and Holiday Giving

Tonight is the night the Stitch nB in Tinely Park and I'm so excited that I'm a lose for words. So, here are pictures....

Kool Knits in Naperville is closing, and they are having a sale. On my visit I picked this stuff up. What a shame, cute shop filled to the ceiling with goodies. I even found roving amoung the skeins. The Catalina is some yummy carmel baby alpaca....ooooh, yeah - super soft.

Finished the Ballband Dishcloth from the Mason Dixon Knitting book. I used the Peaches & Creme or Sugar 'n Creme...can't remember which. This was suppose to be done in time for the packages to go out on Monday, but alas I got trapped in that time-space-warp-thingie.

Now to go off and finish knitting my hubbies socks...I hope I can get these done!!

Happy Knitting.

Monday, December 18, 2006

A Season of Giving, normally around this time of year I'm going psycho...and it's really not that far off. But I do feel better because I got this out today:

Which I'm positive that will be there before the weekend and also contains lovely knitted items. Hopefully there fully enjoyed. I'm also getting these out in the mail very soon...they would have been in the system by now, but the hole-in-the-wall post office I go to is (get this) no cash, no stamps only open from 10-12:45 and then 2:30-4:30. Hey, it's so much better then going down to Clark and waiting in line for half the day. Today is expected to be the busiest day for postal employee's...god bless them.

This Wednesday is our SnB gift exchange...and I'm so excited. I had a lovely time picking out the gift and can't wait for everyone to play along with the Left & Right Yarn Inspired pass around. At the end of the story what ever gift is in your lap you get...I keep having this reoccuring dream where everyone ends up with there own gift..haha. I certainly am not a writer and I hope the ladies will forgive a dork like me...but here is a taste of The Knitting Tale:

"Mrs. Wright sat down one night, to knit for Mr. Wright all thru the night." --you do see how Left and Right fit into this crazy pass around game.

Here is another thing I did this weekend - oh yes cookies. I have none left to take pictures of, so you know they must have be good.

--and I can't forget...about my Knitters Review Gift Exchange Buddy...Chelsey if your reading this, I'm almost done putting your package together - what fun it is gifting for a fellow knitter. I want to post pictures, but that would ruin the surprise.

I was also very touched by Stephanie's call to all knitters to step up and show there support that I'm also supporting the Doctors Without Borders by donating some of the money I would normal buy as gifts for family members. The Harlot touched me and I felt giving to those who truely need it is what the season is all about. It might not be much, but I agree that knitters will rule the world one day.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

I'm Addicted...

way can't I just stay on task?? my mind is wondering, knitting is being done. Not as much as I had wanted, but alas we can't have it all. Thoughts of loved ones opening wool presents and being warmed by knitting wonders is just not going to happen. Where did I go wrong?? It's these damn Blogs I tell you!!! Blog after endless Blog....let me enable you for just a sec...on the left hand column, you'll see a Knitters Review Webring (click on the 'NEXT' link and you'll be whisked away into fiber wonder). I joined thinking "What Fun!" and now I just click away and get lost in page after page of fiber ideas, patterns and much to my dislike a time warp. I have to stay off the computer at least until I get all my shopping done (1) and gosh forget even thinking about clicking away during work. Keeping my job is very high on the list (2) thing you know I'll have to join a support group (3).

So, I have no pictures for you...I know, sad isn't it. Well, maybe something old will do:

This was my first experience with Lorna's Lace....oh yeah baby! These lovely socks went to Mom for Mothers Day.

And here is a hat and bootie set I made while preg with my daughter Mackenzie...they would get put on, but she would wiggle and kick until they fell off.

And this is another piece I made for this picture she's just over a month old and she had already outgrown the papoose.

Holiday gift exchange is next Wednesday for the Tinley Park Stitch n Bitch...I'm hoping to get to the LYS sometime soon, not like I need another excuse to go, right? Take care and Happy Knitting!

Monday, December 11, 2006

Oh, What Bliss

I finally have a hat to wear, but now it's not really even cold - go figure.

After ripping, time after time, I've fallen into bliss with my Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino hat. It fits perfectly...after I figured out to decrease the overall amount of stitches for a snug fit. The rib doesn't make my head stick out like a huge gumball...this was somewhere around rip #3 or 4. And the greatest discovery is my perfect (at least for my head anyway) is this gorgeous decrease on the top...great combo of ssk and k2t (slip slip knit and knit 2 together) ...I had this swirl thing happening before and it was okay, but wasn't loving it...yaknow?

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Sounds Like a Good Idea

That was good at the time. The holiday season is just to much pressure. The right gift, the perfect dish, making time to shop ...and get all the good sales in too. Most of the time I don't have a problem knowing what I want to buy...its being able to get what I want for everyone. Living on a budget sucks when you've got expensive taste. So, I just have to live with the fact that, I can only do what I can, when I can.

The family dragged all the holiday boxes out of storage and assembled the xmas tree. Lights where strung on the tree with much care by me and Eric, who is now so tall he can easily reach the tippy top. We plugged in the lights and what to our astonishment... and just so you know, we tested them before putting them on...Soooo, why is it that only a one-foot band in the middle of the tree lights up? Boy, did that just ruin the whole thing. I stripped the tree of lights and vowed to do the tree decoration another day. This weekend we got that done.

Here is the tree and my little stinkers. All the delicate ornaments are on the top half while the "I don't care if Mackenzie touches" ornaments are on the bottom half. She really doesn't like the tree, pretty yes...and it's pokie. It certainly isn't huggable like she was hoping. Now, it's time to locate my xmas cookie recipes and get to baking. I've baked practically every year and handed out little grab bags to co-workers, friends and family. It's a hard thing for me to do this year, being that I am trying watching the weight. But, I just made a promise to myself that I wont deprive myself of these wonderful treats this year, just don't over do it and let it take over my every meal.

This is what we also did this weekend:

No smiles and no knitting updates...holidays and all. Soon, I will be done with my re-do Debbie Bliss hat and will show a pictures soon, till then try to grab some holiday cheer. Happy knitting.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Big Green Monster Hat

Okay, so my first thought was the character Dumb Donald from Fat Albert...

It really isn't bad, but unfortunatly I'll be ripping this out again for the 7th time...I just need it the rib on smaller needles. You think I would have noticed that in the begining. I had intended on cuffing the rib area (see the line of purl stitches poking out) but it's so loose that it makes my big head look even bigger! But other then that, I love it!!

Monday, December 04, 2006

Crazy December Days

December has come in like a lion – hopefully leaving like a lamb. See my babies first "rememberable" snow day. As the snow flakes fell, she carried her blanket scratch that. She dragged her just washed blanket through icky slush while daddy shoveled the walk. Her expression is that of one getting cold snow flakes on your all know that feeling right...well, she loves it so much, that she screams bloody murder when having to be dragged back in the house after falling in a icy puddle.

So...did I hear someone ask? Any knitting done? ...oh, well, no. I got sucked into the knitting vortex of doom this weekend and look what else we got into. We celebrated lovely Godmamma Karen's Bday this weekend...she's hit the Big 3-0, but were not counting anymore, right love;)

And here is me and hubby...gosh he looks drunk. Although, I'm sure he wishes he was. Can't blame the guy for being sluggish that night. Waking at 6am and then driving all over Illinois will bring anyone to a stumper.

Here is what the knitting vortex does to you. You knit and knit for hours on end enjoying it all the way...and then you pull out your tape measure and notice you haven't moved...How is this possible?

By some mystic grace, I've completed the first sock for my hubbies xmas gift and have cast on for the second. I love working with Lorna's Lace...the color depth is awesome and love the soft feel of the superwash wool. Good thing too, cuz I know he'll never remember to hand wash.

Did I just hear "Where's the hat?" ...Hat you say? ummmm, let me recall. Noticed a "prancing pony" mistake about half way down down the rib and ripped back. Next, I dropped a stitch and had to rip back again and now it sits in the time-out-bin. I should have been done with it by now. It would have helped so much in keeping my Big Fat Head warm when it's -20 outside! I will most likely finish it in time to not need it anymore...another case of the knitting vortex.

Monday, November 27, 2006

Post-Turkey Update

I've made a heel!! Oh, yeah...I have a little hope of having these done for Christmas morning:) I had to try it on of course, and yes it is large...which is good. I just hope he likes them, I know I do:)

I was going to post a picture on Sunday night, but alas this weekend project got in the is why:

We had been living with white walls for years and now we have color. It's dark, but I'm loving it more and more each day.

Yes, we took the holiday as a chance to update the master bedroom. It took on a life of it's own, with holiday cooking and drop cloths, paint brushes...and the want for fiber between my's finally scratch that, it's just painted. I spent all day Sunday putting everything back to normal, with a slight rearranging of the furniture. The room feels like someone else’s house:) kinda good right? I woke up with a smile on my face and had a lovely time getting ready in the morning. I just wish the budget was open to drapes and bedspreads...but that will all come in time. I'm sure my sewing machine will be humming in my ear pretty soon.

Friday, November 24, 2006

Happy Turkey Day!

What a day..turkey, stuffing a little apple pie.

Would have taken a shot of the turkey and all the fixings, but the camera was MIA at the time and my tummy was growling with need. We were blessed with visitors for dinner...these two can do some serious damage to a normally peaceful house, but I enjoyed hearing the squeals of kiddies running thru the house.

Updates on my current projects...

Gloves are off the needles and on my hands as I head out every morning in the cold. I love these, but I noticed that my rush to get them done has produced my weave ends to pop out and become unwelcome. I will have to refer back to my notes and figure if I was doing something wrong.

Incase I haven't mentioned it are the spec's:
Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino (I'm not going to get into details about the yarn recall mentioned on several other forums, but will say this - it's a lovely yarn and I'd hate to see this go. But, if the yarn recall leads to a drop in the price, hell I'm all for that)
Gauge: 5st per inch on size 6 DPN
CO: 32 st on size 4 DPNs-K2P2 Rib for 3.5 inches
Knit for another 2.5 on the size 6 DPNs before separating for the thumb and then knitted another 2in before separating for the other fingers.

Had and extra skein from my purchase and this is what I've started with it.

A simple K2P2 ribbed hat...we'll see if there is enough yarn for my huge head...or should I say large brain?? yeah, that's it.

Here is my hubbies socks or should I say sock for now. I truly feel so slow. I read the Harlot and how she's pumping out a sock a day and just shed a tear for my lack of accomplishments. These socks will most likely become valentine gifts then the Christmas gift they are suppose to be (sigh).

And last but not is my deep thinker. I sometimes wonder what a 2 year old could possible be thinking about...writers block? or just frustrated that dear old mommy is taking yet another picture of her super cute daughter. I'm going with the writers sounds cooler.

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Inspiration vs. Odd Discoveries

So, I'm sure all designers, creators & talented people get inspired by many things, but lets just say that I've been taken over by the knitting bug - I see knitting every where. It's like those moments when you discover something that's all ready popular and you wonder how you never noticed it till now.

Here are a few moment of spontaneous inspiration to fill you day...

Do you see cables? I went to the Harold Washington library during lunch and was stopped in my tracks. While at the library I picked up a Celtic cable book and Elisabeth Zimmerman's Knitting Without Tears. I read a couple of chapters and she's quite is a quote: "Loose knitting tends to make your stitches look somewhat uneven, but what of it? Are you trying to reproduce a boughten machine-made sweater? Besides, it is surprising what blocking and a few washings will do to uneven knitting." gotta love it! I see why she's adored by many a knitter.

On another note: I had joined Weight Watchers back in March and have a total lose of 29.6 lbs so far...those .6 oz matter just as much as the next 4 oz. I made a goal for my self that I would add some activities to my day by walking up and down the stairs for 5-10 min a day. With my office located on the 23rd floor of a downtown building, I would not recommend going up or down the whole 23 flights, but what I discovered on floor 19 made me halt and raise a single eyebrow (like the Rock).

Take a look at this...

I know I'm a geek, but I was totally tickled by that.

And while these two dose off on the couch..

I finished my first Debbie Bliss fingerless glove and casted-on for the second.

Monday, November 13, 2006

My Nana Crochets...

But this weekend I visited another Nana....Nana's Knitting Shop

Went in for just some wool soap and a quick browse around and fell in goodness the selection. Tons to look at and touch. Saw a great shrug done in thick ribbed Noro...very nice:) Then the green Debbie Bliss caught my eye...I've been looking for that certain yummy glove yarn. Plus, I checked it against my pumpkin clapotis so it doesn't clash. I'm not to afraid of color...hell, put red bandanna around my thigh and call me Punky Brewster. I've got Punky Power! oh boy...what a flash back. know I couldn't just leave that Lorna's Lace sitting there, right?

I couldn't help my self...I'm a sucker for socks:) Hey, in my defense...these are a gift for hubby. Good thing I have till Xmas to complete these bad boys...done on size 0 ...yes, you read that right, size Zero. Plus, when I get to the rib around the ankle, I have size 00 eyes are sore after working these toothpick needles. Yet the sock is coming out so great, yarn is super soft and I even forgot that they are a superwash, so no need to hand wash these either.

Was planning on showing some progress on my face clothes, but if certain people are reading this it would ruin the surprise. Take my word, I've got several done and hopefully I'll be able to finish all that I want in time. No pressure of course;)

Happy Knitting!

Friday, November 10, 2006

One November Day...

So, there I am at 11:30 last night determined to finish felting the strap to my gorgeous bag. Here is the shot of my peach sink -gotta love the '70s- with felting in progress.

And here is the strap once I was done...only 35 min later. The bag was super easy, just throw in Mr. Washie (as the Harlot would say) but this strap was all I had left of the green Cascade 220 and my gosh, I wasn't about to ruin the thing. So, I took my time felting this sucker.

With the strap complete...I present my gorgeous Entrlac Inspired Felted Bag...

This is how I look with the bag on my hip...not bad, considering this took 15 takes to get a good angle and not show off how huge my thighs are:)

Here is what is in my bag currently...knitting of course!

These are the contents outside of the fits everything I need for a bare bones project. Would have liked to have more room for a mag or book, but I don't think that it could hold the weight. I guess I'll just have to make another one:)

I should break this post up into sections, but hell, I'm on a roll and I'm sorry for all the pictures, but hell I've never been much of a writer...designer yes.

So, while felting is drying last night...I go searching thru the stash to locate any cotton I might have left over for my gifts...and I discover this:

I got this cotton yarn about a year ago at Knit n Knibble while visiting family in Florida. The pattern was this petal leafy design and for some odd reason I couldn't make the pattern out right..hell I frogged this sucker 4x and then threw it in the stash bin. I'll most likely go back to the pattern and figure it out, but this cotton will become something else in the mean time.

This is the spot where I messed up at...why would they tell you to connect those together to then have this bubble thing happen...oy.

And guess what I found while looking for cotton....

Oh Boy!! I was so ready to put this stuff on needles...but alas I said holiday gifts first. I'm thinking these will turn into xmas socks for hubby. He's always commenting that I haven't' knitted him anything. I guess it's time to shut him up!

Till next time...keep knitting:)