Monday, January 28, 2013

A Sweater for Eddie

It was around Thanksgiving time when my husband announced that he wanted a sweater. sigh. The next day it just so happened that I was on my way to The Fold with some knitting buddies. While there I looked over yarns to get some ideas. The only problem with this tactic is I had no pattern and not a clue as to his chest size. So, I didn't purchase anything that day, but went home to quiz the hubby about the style of sweater.

His answer? "I don't know." Great.

So, I log in to the Ravelry pattern search, did a selective search on worsted weight men's pullovers and it came up with about 350 or so pattern ideas. I sat him in front of the computer and told him to browse.

What happened next was really my own fault. I should have just chosen a sweater and been done with it. He would have loved anything that I picked, but I wanted him involved. Why? Why on earth would I want him involved...Yeah, get this... my husband then proceeds to judge all the men wearing the sweaters. sigh. He's bald. He's fat. I stood there shaking my head. Really? I know he was pulling my leg, but to think that a sweater would make him look bald is laughable.

He then picked a pattern, Able Cable. Next was picking yarn. I knew this was going to be the hardest of all. So, I asked: what color? I should have just pick one, but no...I'm a gluten for punishment. He told me that he wasn't sure what color it was. Huh? How is it possible for a former press-man not to know what color? So, back to the pattern search. I pulled the list back up and had him review the searches again. He found the sample in question. Guess what he found. A variegated yarn. ::Gasp:: Right??? There is no way in hell I was knitting a variegated sweater, especially one with cables.

I told him that the yarn was expensive and would cost up to $200 to make. That shut him down because if there is one thing I know about my husband, he's cheep. Not so much on everyone else, but totally when it comes to himself.

I then went stash diving and had a couple of options, but since my husband is baby when it comes to "softness" I picked Princess. The yarn is just about the loveliest yarn ever with a blend of cashmere and angora. I haven't told him the name of the yarn yet. I'm saving that little bit for later. It should be hilarious to see his expression;)


I started with the sleeves since it makes the project seem to go faster. Plus how can you not do them two at a time? Makes matching all that more accurate.

The only disappointing part is I thought I had 13 balls. It seems that I only had 11. I most likely used up two skeins for something else and didn't record the adjustment in my Ravelry stash. This then means I'll most likely will be purchasing a few more to finish this project. Oh well. At least I know in the back of my mind that I'll be able to wear the sweater too:)

Saturday, January 26, 2013

FO: Done With Thrums


This will complete the third pair of thrummed mittens. I'm done. The fiber prep is killer. I don't plan to make another pair... like ever. Well, I guess I shouldn't say ever, but as least not for another year.

I had to get these done for Miss Mac. This winter has been mild, but has decided to show just in time to keep her fingers warm.


The one great thing about this kind of project is it only takes one skein of Cascaded 220 and 2 oz of fiber. It all comes together quite nicely, but be aware that if your thrums are thick you could run out of fiber.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Below 0 = Thrummed Mittens


This will be my third pair of Thrummed Mittens. With the drop in temperature comes the want for mittens. It got up to 16 degrees today, but this morning was a negative number with the windchill. The mittens alone go super quick. Making of the fiber thrums themselves is a tedious journey that I'm ready to be done with.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Parade of Finished Objects...

Over the holidays it was seriously intense around here. Not only was I working on launching the new blanket pattern but I had plans to Knit. All. The. Things. The original plan was to knit something small for most of the little people in my life. And to be honest, I had done a fair job. More things got added to the list, while others fell away.

Monsters for each of my SIL boys. They are at that perfect age (4 and 2), where a stuffie is still kinda cool and then add the "monster" bit in and we are talking winner-winner-chicken-dinner!


My son then saw these little guys and... well, lets say things got weird. My 6 foot 4 inch, 17-year old son... reverted back to his 3-year-old self. He said in the most sweetest voice, "I want one." Which just took me by surprise. I was planning on knitting him a hat, but since he was requesting, I just couldn't say no.

Thus, there was the red and black monster


New slippers for Mac because she grew out of her last pair.


Then there was this moment in late November that my husband wore out his slipper, so that got added to the list and now he has warm toes.


I purchased a thrummed kit from a vendor at Vogue Live Chicago and finished them pretty quickly:


I was then hooked. A quick jaunt to The Fold and was now making more mittens... a pair for Grandma in blue.


Then there was the Lined Beanie for Grandpa Larry made out of some left over gray Berroco Vintage yarn and some green/black Noro yarn for the stripes.


There is more to talk about, but *sigh*, I'm done for now. Perhaps I will pick up blogging more often. I miss it.