Monday, May 14, 2007

Happy Feet

Happy Post-Mother's Day to you all...what a beautiful weekend it was. First off, I have some finished socks. Oh, last post on these was Friday and lone behold...I have socks.

Pattern: standard toe up on two circular needles
Yarn: TOFUties
Colorway: Stand on Your Own Two Feet
Needles: US 2 for main and size 0 for ribbed cuff
Start Date: May 7, 2007
End Date: May 13, 2007
Jail Time: yarn was tossed aside until larger needles where available
Comments: Lets just say, size US 2's go very quickly. I will also have to apologies to the bit of slander I did on the TOFUties yarn back when I first swatched. I highly recommend you don't and I repeat don't knit them on size ZERO. They fit reasonable well. When my toe sections was complete, I noticed a very stretchy fit and decreased evenly by 4 stitches on each foot. That totals only 56 stitches per sock...very quick.

Okay...socks done in a week, easy. Thermal body contains 296 cast-on stitches on size US 3 needles...not so much. The yarn is lovely to knit will and haven't gotten sick of it yet. I don't think this will be a fast knit and that's alright by me.

When I purchased my wheel, I was sent home with a batch of roving to test and play. Both bobbins filled and ready to ply...oh, joy. When, the lightbulb went on and remembered I needed a third bobbin to ply the yarn together - doop. No worries, a quick call to Toni and everything is right with the world. UPS just dropped off the lovely bobbins and now I'm off to play with future yarn;)

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Knitterary said...

Yeah, Toni's heard from me too. Good thing we spend so much money there, or she'd be trying to get rid of us. Buncha pests. :D

Those are some lightning fast socks! Even on 2s that seems fast.