Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Do you remember me showing you this:

Well... I didn't like it. Great Yarn. Awesome Pattern. They just don't work well together. So! I'm doing a Switcheroo!!

While perusing the isles of Stitches Midwest I was looking for a certain something that would work with the Awesome Pattern. Then lone behold I landed in the Sunday Knits booth. They had the most lovely of lovelies... Nirvana. How can you say no to Merino and Cashmere??? I know I didn't and now I've switched over and have restarted on my new Willoughby.

The yarn has a great feel and the pattern is just enough lace that I'm not going mad. Now, you've got to understand.... I don't do lace. I love the look of it and am amazed by anyone who can knit it. I would rather cross my stitches then produce holes in it:P Yet this pattern was calling to me from the moment I laid eyes on it.

And looky there!!! BOBBLES! I swore I would never, but in actuality they're kinda fun. Don't go tellin anyone please... who knows what people will think of me when they find that out.

I also don't want you to freak out about the lovely Orange Alpaca yarn... it is currently finding a new assignment.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Stitches Midwest 2009

Here is a picture of my LOOT from the fabulous Stitches Midwest weekend getaway!

From bottom Left to Right: Buffalo Gold in "Earth" with pattern, Knit Happy mugs and the green/orange Zealana Kauri yarn (merino, possum and silk blend) from the The Knitting Today booth, an African hand basket (can't remember the name of the booth), Aussi Wool is Russet color, Catalina in the blue, Sunday Knits Nirvana in the cedar colorway and last but not least the New Style of Heirloom Knitting

I love each and every purchase and even with less vendors this year then in years past. I didn't find that there wasn't anything to see.

My Saturday afternoon class Dotty Knits was taught by Suzann Thompson. Go to her blog and just gaze at this lovely Rug she had with her for all the class to see. The name "dotty" comes from the added dots used in the mosaic color work. It was a very fun class and I had a blast. It was indeed inspiring and I'm hoping I can use this for all those creative projects brewing in my brain.

Here are the sample swatches we worked up in class. The heart to the right was the first sample we started with and to the left is a leaf which also has an added intarsia color worked in.

Early on Sunday was my next class in Where Did You Get Those Numbers by Edie Eckman. It wasn't until she held up her book in class that I finally figured out who she was. This was Edie Eckman. Wow. Now, normally I wouldn't mind a math class, but people it was SUNDAY.... MORNING.... AT 8:30!! But once I had the intervenes caffeine drip put in I was golden.

The math never went over 4th grade level and is completely doable and I highly recommend this for new and not so new knitters because she discusses all those mysterious issues, like gauge and yarn substitutions.

I think overall the best part was hanging out with all my friends. Chatting about what we each bought and just being amongst our peeps.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

FO: Starsky Jr.

Pattern: Starsky Jr. by Jordana Paige

Yarn: 4 skeins Cascade 220 Superwash

Needles: US 7 circular

Started: June 20, 2009

Finished: Aug 10, 2009

Comments: I didn't alt the pattern, but in the end knowing what I know now I think I would make some slight adjustments.

I chose to knit the 8/10 size even thought Miss Mac is truly a size 6. I figured she would get more uses out of it with the larger size. Knowing that I really should have measured her arm length.

The pattern states that it has long sleeves that roll up but these seem super long. I'm thinking that's because of the larger size. Also the pattern has you picking up stitches along the front, neck and back down the other front so many times per so many stitches. This was a tad frustrating and if I were to do it again, I'd pick up all the stitches and decreased on my next row.

Miss Mac picked out her own buttons and was thrilled to do a photo shoot at one of the local nature routes. Isn't she just a hoot!

Makes me want to make the adult size for me!

Monday, September 14, 2009


And The Winner is....

[[[[[[drum roll]]]]]]]

[[[[[[[[drum roll]]]]]]]]]]

[[[[[[[[[[[[drum roll]]]]]]]]]]]]]

Random Generator Pulled out Number 5

The 5th comment belongs to Karin! Looks like you'll have to put down the spinning long enough to enjoy this skein;)

Thanks everyone for all your comments. They were all very enlightening and makes me really look forward to learning new techniques and sharing them all with you.

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Blogiversary 3.0

Time is a funny thing. At one moment your watching the clock wondering when it will just come and the next you look up and Whoa where did it go?

It's been three years and I'm sitting here going Whoa. I've really enjoyed the ride, so I don't plan on going anywhere. I'm hoping to learn a few new tricks along the way and hope you'll join me.

So it wouldn't be a Blogiversary if I didn't have a contest and some goody to give away.

Contest Rules: You have until Saturday, September 12, 2009 at midnight to leave me a comment containing 1 new technique you'd like to learn and 1 trick you've learned along the way. Please reply to this post and I'll get the random generator to pull the lucky winner.

The goody is Cherry Tree Hill Supersock in the Green Mountain Madness colorway. You know you love a color when you find out you have two in your stash;)

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

To Rip... or Not!

It might look to the average knitter that this is just an update post. What your about to find out is that I haven't touched this in over a week. I normally do at least a row or two. Why you ask?

Because I'm faced with the task of having to RIP.

I should have done the armhole decreases every right side row, 5 times. BUT, NO! Not me. I chose to do them every 5 rows. [head-slams-on-desk].

I keep thinking there has to be a way to solve this without ripping back. Yet, I believe I'm stuck. I just don't have the heart in me to rip it back yet. Perhaps a few more days.

[To distract you from my obvious blunder] Look over there! A Deer!

This past weekend was filled with many delights... apple picking, bike rides and trip to Wisconsin for Renaissance Fair.

Miss Mac wore her princess outfit and was greeted with many 'Me Lady's that she was thrilled. Definitely in her element!