About Me

My name is Kris, but you can call me Red.

I live and work as freelance graphic designer in the Chicagoland area. You can view my online portfolio here.

Between taking care of production deadlines and a rambunctious family, I indulge in my spare moments in the fiber world. Inspiration comes in many forms, so I always carry around my sketch book to capture those moments. I look forward to putting those inspirations to life.

When I started my blog back in 2006 I wanted to come up with a catchy name and I wanted it to be nifty. I then had a crazy idea to put in a silent K for Knitting;) So, Knifty Red it is.

I've been knitting since 2001 and was first inspired to learn because of my son. I wanted to make him a custom scarf to wear to the Harry Potter movie and thus my journey began. Teaching myself out of book held some challenges and I have learned so much along the way that I hope to inspire others to keep learning too. Each project holds a valuable lesson if your willing to learn.