Saturday, July 27, 2013

Synergy Mystery Knit-Along

** Tap ** Tap ** Tap **

Is this thing on??

I've got some fun things happening over here and I believe it will help me jump start this blog again. I've been struggling with how much to tell and what to tell. It then leads me to not say anything. And to be honest That is just No Fun at all.

So instead of struggling, I'm going to let you in more. Unless my designs are going to be knit for a true publication which holds every designer under a vial of discrete silence, I'm letting you in to my self publishing world.

This leads me to my latest exciting project. A couple of months ago I was cleaning out the store space under the stairs and found my box of Barbie, GI-Joe and Jem dolls. My daughter squealed at the top of her lungs in delight. The dolls are from a '80s cartoon series Jem and the Holograms. I instantly knew I had to design something based on my daughter and the classic show.

That brings us to today where I have a pattern ready for the world, but why launch a pattern just to send it out. Why not break up the pattern and do a Mystery Knit-Along!! The pattern works perfectly into this scenario and what a better time to launch this MKAL but during my daughters birthday month.

The pattern is a little girly, a little punk and Totally Outrageous!! Need some help with colors? No problem. I founds some fantastic outfits from the show and paired up color combos to inspire ideas.


Are you sucked in yet? Well, take advantage now and buy the Synergy Mystery KAL pattern from now until the end of August for just $3.00 because come September 1st the pattern price will go up to $6.00

Join in on the fun by participating in the Knifty Red Designs group.


Grab the avatar for your project page. Tag your project with synergyMKAL. We'll have separate threads for spoilers, so keep a watch out. I'm looking at getting a prize together for all those who post finished projects.

Purchase the pattern now and you will get the preliminary download to get you started and prepared for August 1st.

Clue Release Dates are scheduled for:
Clue 1 - August 1st
Clue 2 - August 8th
Clue 3 - August 15th
Clue 4 - August 22nd

So come on and join in on the fun.