Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Once I Start, I Just Can't Stop

Arriving home from work, I ran into the bathroom to discover my yarn still drying in the same spot I left it. phew. Looky-Looky...I got a hanky.

It's not plied right, but if you like the hooky handmade look of's not bad. Hell, I didn't expect much from my first go but I love it anyway.

Well, you know once I saw that hank, I couldn't resist spinning some more. Especially since I've had roving stuck in the back of my closet for, oh lets say 4 months...and look a full bobbin and a start of another. This took me, roughly an hour and a half...the hang up was little Mac. She didn't care for me spinning away...she would tell me "Stop Mommy! Stop Mommy!" - not sure why, but every time she said it, I would stop. "Do you want to snuggle?" "Yes Mommy!" - and so we would snuggle on the couch watching Thomas the Train on the (COMPLETELY AWESOME - SAVE MY LIFE) On Demand.

I still have tons of roving to go through...

This Shetland Wool is a dream to spin and slips through my fingers easily. My only issue now is figuring out the yardage of my handspuns. I know they have gadgets out there...Any suggestions?


Rebecca said...

how exact do you want your yardage to be?

You can use your niddy noddy to figure out exactly, or if you are more flexible:

measure out 5 yards. Weigh it on your grams scale. Measure the whole skein, and do the math. :)

Loving the yarn by the way. I'm so jealous!

Mrs. H said...

It's gorgeous! If you start spinning to sell, let me know!

Nia Skywalk said...

OMG... Between you and the Yarn Harlot I am soooo jealous of your wheels! ;-) So I have started spinning again -- with the drop spindle -- and I have found out how to keep the spindle turning... unfortunately, I am now spinning THREAD. Still thick and thin, but more even ;-)

Actually, I subscribed to the Spinning ezine that Stephanie promoted on her site and took some pointers from there too. I don't think I will ply the thread, I think I will try for a yarn. All that beautiful ramboillet, can't wait to see how everything turns out ;-)

Thanks Kris! (for the indirect encouragement)

Mrs. H said...

You've been tagged (see my blog).