Thursday, March 29, 2012

What I've Been Up To...

Over the past month I've been going at several designs, two of which I can't talk about until they go live, but...Oh, I can't wait to show those off!! Please stay tuned!

A huge thing that has sucked a huge part of my life lately has been a home improvement protect. Our basement was finished when we bought it, but about a year ago we had water damage that made us remove the carpet. Since we were going to replace the flooring, the ugly parquet flooring had to go to....then of course there was the fireplace. The fake 80's brick was chipped and an eye sore. So why not replace that to!! Famous last words.

Day 1: Down comes the fireplace. The demo didn't take long, so then off to the store for fire board, ceramic tile and vinyl flooring.

So, you know the tile and vinyl I had searched last year are both discontinued. Figures.

New ceramic brought home and by Day 3 we had the walls back up and all the pieces cut and ready to go.

The fireplace then came together quickly.

By now my back and knees are shot, but I can see it all coming together. I was the fueled by the WANT to have my yarn room back. Pop some Advil and keep going.

Day 4: We grouted the fireplace, scrubbed the filthy floors and patch all the concrete from when we removed the carpet nails...they were EVERYWHERE!! If I see another nail I'm going to scream.

That night we went out for sushi...the kids Loved that.

Day 5. Yes, Day 5. We were suppose to be done on day 5. We started putting the flooring down and unfortunately we had large furniture in the room that couldn't go on the new tile for at least 24 hours. That means we are heading into Day 6.

Looking back the huge comment made by my amazing husband...don't ever ask me to do this again. I felt the same way, but we both know that we are DIY people. We like the fact that we can stand back and say with pride: we did that!

We finally finished in the late afternoon today...thank goodness. I have bruises on my knees and shins. My back is super tender, but my heart is soaring!

Do you feel the same way when you accomplish something like that? I can't wait to stylize the room and have a cozy place to call my yarn room.