Monday, May 07, 2007

Look @ Dat

Even through moments of deep sleep, my body had dreams of spindle wonder-ness. Hubbies birthday was perfect for him and for me;) After getting my full of fiber ecstasy, I have this to show.



I'm so happy with my purchase, and in the back of my mind I'm saving knitting time because the wheel is so much faster then the drop spindle. Hey, let me live in my own world of denial;)

Oh, yeah...other purchase made out at The Fold..Socks That Rock in the Harlotty colorway...hehehe, it's named after the Harlot. How cool is that?

And a quick update on the Central Park Hoodie. I think I don't want this project to end. I mean, yeah, I totally want to wear it, but geesh...I loved knitting it and I'll miss having it in my bag.


Knitterary said...

I'm amazed you took your hands off the wheel long enough to post. :D The yarn-to-be looks great!

Merry Gentlemen said...

Just look at that brand new baby yarn. Isn't it cute? Gutchy-gutchy-goo!