Sunday, July 29, 2007

Back To Normal

First off...I finished Harry Potter. wow. let the discussion begin.

This weekend I concentrated on the book and the sock knitting fell to the side. With the book out of the way I'm now back on schedule and have started the rib for my Harlotty cuffs.

Sunday was a lovely afternoon by the pool with friends. Big shout out to the Froebe Fiber Family! Talk about fun in the sun...I'm totally wiped today. Gotta go grab some more caffeine.

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And here is an odd advertising ploy that is on the streets of Chicago. C-3PO in the form of a mail box...

The postal service has gone Star Wars. I just had these flashes of the future, where androids are in control of the mail-postal-packaging world. Come to think of it...I don't think we're that far off.

Friday, July 27, 2007

Did You See This

If you've seen the newest Harry Potter Movie (#5 - Order of the Phoenix) and your a knit lover...go see it again. The first time I was so involved in the storyline that I missed tons to great knit wear.

Here is one of my favorites:

Hermione is wearing this in the scene at the Hogshead bar and you don't get to see much of it...but ooo-lala. In my searches for this picture I found another Blogger who is actually attempting to knit it up. How cool is that?

Also,there was the usual Christmas sweaters and scarfs but nothing like the casual day wear these characters are wearing ...just awesome. I know that Neville and Luna had some memorable tops as well. I just wish I could find the ribbed zippered cardigans that the Weasley twins were wearing. It was only for a short clip, but I remember the body was in a light cream, almost white along with a Charlie Brown zig-zag on the chest.

Well, not much knitting going on...socks are still rockin' and I plied the last of my Merino wool last night. So, you'll hopefully get some shots of new yarn soon.

HP7 is coming along slowly. I've crossed the half way point and the story gets thicker as each chapter progresses.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

15 Days

Until Stitches Midwest...I'm super-dee-duper excited. Even the cost of a 85 dollar tow to remove the families Ford Escort from the 294 Expressway wont dampen my mood. I have plenty of yarn at home. Plenty of projects to keep me busy for months. sigh.

Moving on to happy things. How about a heal? I said, still knitting and reading. Hey, give me a break. I know most ...well probably all of the SnB gals have finished the book and are busting at the seams to discuss HP7...please bare with me. I'm on Chaper 14.

My Day Has Come

Wouldn't you figure on the week from Financial Hell...that is all the projects dealing with Quarter 2 at work...I finally get my Ravelry invite. Add me to the list;) kniftyred is my user name.

On top of HP7, turning the heal on Socks That (totally) Rock and brain is going to explode. Just no time for blogging.

Monday, July 23, 2007

Quick Update

The Harry Potter book release was crazy and overall sucked the big one. Why on earth would my husband not give his lovely daughter a nap? That basic knowledge will give you the whole scope of how my evening went... and Big E hated every moment. I did how ever get to sit and knit on the floor in the knitting section with some other fellow knitters. Once midnight hit, the happy crowd turned vicious and pushy. For an hour and half I carried a 35 pound sleeping child in my arms...we zigged and zagged through the bookstore waiting for the next available cashier. Thank goodness it's over. Lucky we live minutes away from the store because I was so exhausted...this is what I did all weekend:

Hubby captured this mid-afternoon nap.

And here is an update on the socks...reading and knitting simultaneously.

I did have to frog back to the toe increases and reconfigure my stitch count...64 stitches was WAY to many. I'm currently now doing 58 and loving it.

I'm also reading that several of you out there have all stink. I'm only on Chapter 10. sigh.

Friday, July 20, 2007


Dumbledore trusted him...I'm going with trust.

Here is my wristband Yeah, I'm like number 750.

Mid-Friday Update

This is proof that I love my job.

Shot taken from bleacher seats at Wrigley Field. If your a South Side Sox'll know my pain. Other wise it's hard to explain. After a couple of beers I forgot where I was and started routing for the other team. Not a good idea. hahaha. I then ducked out come the 7th inning stretch...I do have work to do people.

And since I can't leave you with the Wrigley image...I gotta give you my sock update. Yeah, I know it's only a couple of rows, but when your coworker tells you to keep the purse at work and you have a mild heart attach because you wont be able to knit on the "L"...oy. Damn Muggle. And as a side note...I serious hope the pooling shifts.

Hopefully soon I'll post again with sock and Harry Potter #7 in hand.

And for all of you still hanging on the edge over me having a kid. Hold your breath a bit longer. I told hubby I'd need more time to think about it.

Wirl Wind Friday

These are my Socks That Rock...heading to work...heading to Cubs Game...heading to Potter Book Release...could I possible fit more into 24 hours?

I'll hopefully post more about tonights festivities and a sock update.

Happy Friday Everyone!

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Candy Trekking Jaywalkers

Oh how I love finished socks. These are not blocked, but had to post them up.

Pattern: My own Toe-Up on 2 Circ foot with a Jaywalker Cuff
Yarn: Trekking XXL #126
Needles: US 1
Start Date: July 29, 2007
End Date: June 17, 2007
Comments: The yarn is fairly pleasant to knit with and the wide strips make the Jaywalker pattern really sing. I didn't do a rib to finish off the cuff, but a picot edging because the Jaywalker pattern is really snug on my ankle. There is no way these will slouch. I did the Judy's Magic Cast-On and I think I've been swayed to use this on all socks moving forward.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

MS3 is Still Alive

Just last night I finished the first clue. I think I need to go back to grammar school and learn how to count properly. I swear I had to tink every row for one mistake or another. I've got an eye twitch from Counting. Every. Stitch. Oh, yeah and lets not talk about how a slipped stitch from a decrease has left a floppy appendage where your not suppose to have one. This is not what lace is suppose to look like, but I continue on because starting over would just be to painful. Shield our self for the ugliest Mystery Stole 3 you'll see on the web.

On the other end of my body...there are socks. I love socks. Socks are easy. Here is a sneak peak at the picot edging I'm doing for a bind-off. I will soon have a finished object to show off.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Random Monday Thoughts

First off, if you've signed up for Ravelry and you're curious about your status point in line. Check it out. Jess and Casey have come up with a really cool Antsy check list. I've got 767 people in front of me and 10,478 people behind me. Super cool!


The Mystery Stole 3 is coming along great...I'm switching more to the Love side then the Hate side. sigh.


Last night my husband just casually mentions...that since things are working out with him working nights, that he's been having thoughts of another baby.

WHAT!!!! Hold the phone. Picture me during dinner. I-Stop-Chewing-In-Mid-Chew. Turn to Eddie and say huh? I'm blown away. Since having Miss Mac, I have gone through the whole thought process of: "What about another?". I keep pushing those thoughts out of my head. I kept telling my self: Your happy with two. I could seriously have 3 more, but the money situation isn't a pleasant thought. I know, I know...I hear you all shouting at me...if you want more have more. It's not that easy folks.

What kills me the most, is he just says this random idea out loud with no possible idea that it will effect me in anyway. Since last night I've thought about nothing else. How could he do this to me...urg!

Sunday, July 15, 2007

I've been Enchanted

My trip to the Chicago yarn store Arcadia on Saturday was a day well spent.

I got the pleasure to meet Franklin in person and take part in his first public 1000 Knitters Photo Shoot. If your ever planning on heading to the North side of Chicago to visit Arcadia, you wont be disappointed. A 2 hour trip on the Metra and Brown line gives you plenty of time to work on your socks.

Franklin is very sweet, gentle and witty. I wish him all the luck to get his project finished. He is planning on other shoots at more yarn stores and will be at Stitches Midwest on Sunday. So, stay tuned for times and dates.

Of course your know I can't walk away without at least a little sock yarn.

The store is broken into color sections and it makes it nice to see all the greens and purples separated from the other colors you might not ever pick up. This skein is a handpainted superwash Dream in Color Smooshy colorway Happy Forest. Don't you love that? Happy forest. That just makes me smile;)

And here is a look at my happy little forest.

They are so about changing the look of my backyard.

Friday, July 13, 2007

The Good, Bad & the Ugly

Before work this morning I stepped outside to mark my back fence for some trees we're having planted this afternoon. I unfortunately wont be there to inspect the process. The trees have a one year warranty on them, which puts my fears of killing aside for now. While out in the back, I discovered this:

Wow...I saw it and I ran for my camera. On my way back, I was inspecting my kill.

Dead weeds that need to be pulled from ground. I then need to decide what to fill it with. On a ugly sad note I also killed my 50 bucks worth of Irish moss.

This whole gardening thing sucks. I would rather be doing more of this:

Spun up some more of my Merino wool. It's coming along great and it's sooooo not as stressful as the lace;)

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Love & Hate

How can it be possible to love and hate something at the same time?


I love the patterns of lace. The designs, the open work, the delicate nature of the project. The only thing...I HATE lace weight yarn. There I said it.

What do you think? I do a row and I'm sweating bullets. Oh, did I drop a yarn over? The stress that goes along with knitting lace is really not my thing. Every so often I put it down and pick up my socks and think Wow this yarn is thick!! HA.

The yarn is Lacy Lamb in the Bordeaux colorway. It's a really deep plum that is almost reaching into a black tone. It is very nice on the hands, soft to the point of almost cashmere...just like the website states. Now if your not familiar with how thin this type of yarn is...think thread.

On other knitting news. We have more progress with the Candy Socks. They have begun to Jaywalk. See that thick brown strip around my ankle...yeah, it's starting to zig and zag. I'm not sure how tall I'll make the cuff...cuz I'm thinking of a matching baby pair for Miss Mac.

Also, an update on the 1,000 Knitters Event has been posted by Franklin. I'm thinking of heading up there via Metra/L train...makes great knitting time;) If anyone else is interested in joining me or if your planning on venturing out this Saturday, maybe we can do lunch.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Dat's My Bag Baby

So yeah, I've been having issues with my bag/purse/knitting on the go.

My most recent purse purchase was back in May. I liked the look and 40 percent off makes for a quick sale with me;) Since the purchase I have been disappointed. The size has left me wanting more. I mean, is it necessary for me to have to yank the wallet out? In the big scheme of things, I don't think I tote the whole kitchen sink with me. Everything in my purse I use on a regular basis. Tissues, lipstick, lotion, gum, wallet, camera, address book, keys, train pass...I do have to admit the occasional wet wipe, diaper and Thomas toys end up in there too;)

Now, you might have realized that there was NO knitting in the purse. Cool, no prob...I carry a separate bag for my knitting. You may have remembered this:

I love it. It's awesome. Yet when my purse decided to tear and eat any loose change and US 7 NEEDLE THAT A KNITTER WAS GOING CRAZY OVER!!!'s okay. Breath.

I wanted a new purse. No, I need a new purse. So why not get a purse that I can carry my knitting around too? Cool. I think I must have lost my mind some where between finding my US 7 needle and being poked by my project through the Felted Entrelec bag. sigh.

I feel in love with the Jordana Paige bags. I didn't buy right away. I went out and researched. Everything is super expensive. I just couldn't swing 200 bucks for a leather bag. It all came back to that knitting satchel....ahhh. It was perfect and last night it arrived.

I'm still testing it out, but so far I'm pleased.

Monday, July 09, 2007

Dim Sum

Gosh...getting back into the swing of things is difficult. Especially when the little one plays with the alarm clock. Woke up thinking I was late and not until 5 minutes into frantic rush did I realize I was actually early;)

I just wanted to quickly share with you some pictures from the Sunday Mom & Son trip to Chinatown. Temperatures hitting 95 with heat index of 105...but air conditioned trains and L, plus yummy Dim Sum leads to a perfect afternoon.

Highly recommend the Three Happiness Chinese Restaurant for the dim sum. Grab you a fresh fruit smoothie right from any of the local vendors and wonder around looking in all the import stores.

What was super cool is getting to knit on my socks while on the trains. I'm already creating a short row heel and wondering if I can do a reverse Jaywalker pattern for the cuff. Thanks Knitterary for putting that bug in my ear;)

Saturday, July 07, 2007

Lazy Blogger

Get out of my regular routine and I become the lazy blogger. I've been knitting a little. Cleaning a little. Gardening a little. Mostly enjoying the time off, which leads to late nights, and long mornings in pajamas and no blog posts. Here is a quick update on The Stuff:

Started out Saturday morning untangling my Merino Wool skein. Great way to start out Tour De Fleece.

Candy socks are slowly making their way up my feet.

Three swatches of silk is the right number of finding gauge.

Kool-Aid Sweater back is finished and on to fronts.

Also in a moment of weakness...I joined the Mystery Stole 3 ...I have know idea what I was thinking. I never have wanted to knit lace. I don't wear lace. why? I think I wanted to be apart of something and Stephanie convinced me.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Kool Sweater and Candy Socks

Since I couldn't decide on what put on the needles, I went with two new projects. It was really bugging me that I had frogged the two almost finished Candy Socks. Not so much about the frogging. Since I've come to live with my mistakes and the fact that I need to do things 2, 3 or even 4 times. What was frustrating was that I wanted to have them finished. They were suppose to be apart of my wearable stash of, their here again. Better then ever, my Candy Trekking Socks:

Cute toes-zzez.

Next up is the spontaneous Kool-Aid Mac Sweater or KAMS for short;) I took measurements and just casted-on without so much as a thought as to any design. I'm just knitting. Once I got done with the rib, I then had a moments thought of a cute cable. So, I snagged the center cable from the Central Park Hoodie and put that into the mix.

Now what? I've stopped so far, but I want to introduce cables on either side of the shoulder blade it odd to just start doing a twisted cable? I'm going to search for a possible knot or funky cable... Hummmm. Maybe a little Firefly action to mix it up a bit?

Monday, July 02, 2007

My Thermal

Pattern: Thermal

Yarn: Knit Picks Gloss

Size: 42 inch

Needles: US 3

Start Date: May 10, 2007

End Date: June 30, 2007

Comments/Modifications: The yarn is FAB-U-LOUS to knit with. I'm already trying to plan other projects based off of this yarn. This was my exclusive knitting project, and I think it went pretty smooth considering the gauge. If your planning on this being a fast project, rethink it...that is unless you've got more then 3 hours of knitting time a day to work on it. I was frustrated at first with how slow it grew, but would put it up on my Favorite projects list. The waffle pattern makes the yarn pop and sing. If I were to knit it again, I would go down a size or two. The blocking seemed to stretch the sizing out a bit. I don't know if this is a common issue with the yarn or stitch pattern, but beware of this potential issue.

I knitting both sleeves at the same time on two circular needles. Also, I did adjust the rib lengths, as I like a longer ribbing and longer sleeve length. This ended up back firing on me with the sleeves. The whole project grew and thus the longer length in the sleeves makes for monkey arms, but I love it. A big adjustment I did make and hope all future Thermal knitters take into consideration is the sleeve cap bind-offs. The bind-off left the edge on the square side. I didn't want to redo the bind-off and continued to finish the seam. With one sleeve done, the shoulder was square. The edges of the sleeve had little bumps where the bind-off started and ended. Looking back I noticed that Claudia also adjusted her sleeves. Instead of doing a Bind-off 7 stitches at beginning rows, then Bind-off remaining 20 stitches. I bound-off 7 at the beginning of each row and then proceeded to bind-off 8 stitches at the beginning of each row after that. It rounded off the top shoulder just enough.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


Guess what this is....

Yep, that is a sign of pool enjoyment. Check out my little fish:

This smile almost looks like it hurts...hahahaha. She had super fun and so did mommy.

More knitting to come...have beginning projects to show off...stay tuned.