Monday, March 25, 2013

Survey - Hand Measurements

I’m currently working on some intricate designs and would love to gather some data from my awesome testers by having you take a quick survey. I’m hoping you’ll grant me a little bit of your time by taking hand measurements.

I’m finding there is a lack of standards of measurement used for hands. Really hoping that gathering these numbers will generate a more accurate standard within my own patterns. In my own personal findings, I purchase XL woman gloves and sometimes go up to a Medium men. Yet the charts on websites have me listed as a Small, which I know not to be true.

Please record your measurements in cm. This can help with a more accurate reading. Keep the measuring tape slack, not loose or tight.

Below is a diagram with the locations of the measurements:


A: Palm (widest part of the palm, across knuckles at a slight angle)
B: Thumb (wrap knuckle and cross tape so the 0 marker lines up with the edge of the tape below)
C: Wrist (below palm where the hand bends)

D: Thumb to Wrist (hold tape with pointer finger and thumb, measure to wrist where hand bends)
E: Thumb to Knuckle (tip of thumb to knuckle)
F: Finger Tip to Wrist (middle finger to wrist where hand bends)
G: Palm to Wrist (top of palm where fingers begin to wrist where hand bends)

Additional Information:
1: Age (Adult or Child)
2: Sex of persons measurements

You can reply to this post or visit the Knifty Red Designs survey thread on Ravelry... Thanks so much for your time.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

WIP: Wingspan

It's a random Wednesday and I figured I'd share with you my latest work-in-progress.

I carry this lovely bit in my purse to work on at open moments when I get a chance. It's a great portable project for on the go. I'm working it on size US5 needles and the yarn is Crazy Zauberball.

The project so far is pleasing. I'm hoping the finished project will be long enough to wrap a couple of times around my neck because the depth of the scarf is a little shallow.