Sunday, June 29, 2008

Traveling in the Redwood Forest

This is Frabjous Fibers Blue Faced Luster in Redwood Forest hand dyed colorway. This 8 oz of fiber is my inspiration bought from The Fold. Yes, my wheel has had a layer of dust on it and just the thought of it makes my eyes water. Can't let that happen... so lets spin.

If there is one thing about spinning that I've learned is that you should consider your finished project before sitting at the wheel. Sweater, scarf, socks? they all have different takes on how you spin and what you spin. My inspiration started with the fiber and then the idea of a warm scarf popped into my head.

I'm hoping for a DK or worsted weight yarn in the end, but I think I'm pulling out a sport if not fingering weight sample. sigh. Then a dear friend of mine Knitterary mentioned a 3 ply to bulk it up. Why Not? I'll have to do a little You Tube search and perhaps a few chats with my spinning buddy Knit and Run but I'm kinda psyched about learning this technique.


Laurelena said...

It's gorgeous.
Makes me think of home

A :-) said...

Hey baby you're spinning again!! Yay!! It's looking beautiful - and to my eye, if that's a singles on the bobbin, I'm thinking you've probably got worsted when you ply - remember BFL is going to bloom a little when you finish and set the twist. Here's something you can try to get an idea of what you're getting:

Hold on to your end so you don't lose your twist. Then, pull some of the singles back out of the orifice towards you. Get ahold of it in one hand - you're going to make a loop (this takes both hands) - and then use the other hand to pull some more out of the orifice and grab it again in the first hand. Your second hand should be holding the loop. Now, without releasing the tension, use the fingers of the second hand to actually "ply" the singles.

It will come right back out, but you can see what you're getting in a 2-ply and plan accordingly.

We need a spinning afternoon soon - sometime after the holiday! Let's compare calendars :-)