Tuesday, June 24, 2008


How do you bounce back after knitting with the Harlot? It's not easy. In fact I've lost a little of my blog-mojo. I was doing really good, trying to post as often as I could when this past weekend hit. I really wasn't up for it. I guess I've got some post-fiber-partum going on.

I'm kinda speechless. Stephanie and Franklin in one room and at My Local Yarn Store! How totally Wicked!

Trich the owner of My Local Yarn Store: Nana’s Knitting Shop is just awesome and gracious...we got to sit and just take it all in.

Then of course there were some naughty South Side Gals...

Even if the wait was something close to 2 hours, we pose for a group picture.

And I think what kills me the most is thinking back about how a customer came to the back door of the shop and I answered it with a Big Hello. The lady had a huge grin on her face and then proceeded to ask how my flight was. I was taken back... "I'm sorry" I said to the lady. She then said... "You look so much like her!"

People. Dudes. She had mistaken me for Stephanie Pearl-McPhee. Well, I can kinda see how she might be taken back... although I'm thinking cousins.

I'll have to double check with the family, but I believe to have distant relatives in Nova Scotia. With a handful of Great-Aunts and Uncles born in that area, you never know!


Knitterary said...

I'm still tired, too. It was worth it, though!

Tricia said...

And oh baby, can those South Side girls be naughty! I have never seen that much cleavage in my Shop. Oh, how I wish I knew what prompted the "come hither" looks on those two! Was there a handsome cowboy in the room?

Virtuous said...

Now THAT was a weekend!!! And definitely could pass for cousins....you being the better looking one of course! ;o)

Found you via Kpurls and have been enjoying your blog entries! ;o)