Tuesday, June 10, 2008

I'm Swooning For Ogee

I've swatched the Ogee Tunic and got gauge on size US 7's ... This is making me knit the Fulmar faster. I'm guessing this will be my next big project done in purple Bollicine Dolly.

These suckers are going by quick... 10 inches of Fulmar loveliness. I think Knitterary might be right... I bet I will be done come July. Woo-Hoo


Knitterary said...

That's a very cute sweater! And you'll love the Dolly. It knits beautifully. My "Make Me Happy" vest is knitting up in the blink of an eye because I can't keep my fingers away from this yarn!

PrincessPea said...

What a fabulous arm!

I hadn't come across the ogeee tunic before - I'm adding it to my list straight away! I love how reading blogs can be so inspiring, looking forward to seeing your ogee in progress!