Thursday, June 05, 2008

Oh Sahara...

How I've fallin' for your lovin'...

Sounds more like a country song then anything. The story goes a little something like... you exposed with your holes, you split when I needed you the most and lets not talk about that merino I saw you with.

Either way, Sahara has warmed my heart again and I'm now so close to a Finished Object I just want to scream.

It's not the kind of screaming were you just want the thing done, it's the kind of scream that's more like ... Oh Boy This Is Fun, I Don't Want To Stop.

Can someone explain why is it necessary to work 5 days a week? huh? It should be more like 50/50... 3 and a half days, that's it.

In other news, I've got a download-able PDF my Cable Lagoon sock pattern for everyone to download if they so wish. Have fun with it and if you run into anything just let me know.


Knitterary said...

twang twang twang
Oh Saharaaaaaaa
Why do I still wanna pet you
Even after you done me wrong...
twang twang twang

A :-) said...

I immediately downloaded the sock pattern!! You might just make my sock mojo come back :-) Do think I could do these top down??