Monday, June 30, 2008

Oh, Fudge

This weekend was filled with re-dos. I got through a full 12 row repeat on the Fulmar neckline before I realized that I had repeated the wrong chart. Ripped. It's back on the needles and in full swing again. I wasn't going to just push that puppy to the back of the closet with it so close to finished.

I then tried on my Hand Pained socks and could fit two fingers on the sides without stretching...ripped and backed up to toe increases. Some how the 64 stitch sock was to big and now I'm working a 52 stitch version. How awesome is that! It's knitting up faster then ever.

The Beret, well it's gone to shit. I thought I cold get over it. Figured I could just push on ahead, but I just don't feel the want to keep working on something that is wrong. Here it is looking just perfect...


The green is the Main Color (MC) and the other brown/orange is the Contrasting Color (CC), which will change colors as I get further along. The MC and the CC create these lines that run down the hat and it's knit in such a way that that when the pattern needs to increase in size you end up with branch like extensions that form lines in the MC.

Well, that's what is suppose to happen... this is what I've been running into:


Blob of color just doesn't work for me. Another ripp.


Knitterary said...

It's something in the air. I ripped my beret and ripped back a sock to the cuff this weekend, too. But, hey, at least with knitting we always get a second chance to make things right.

dreamsweaver said...

If you guys are ripping back I don't feel so bad! ;)

Merry Gentlemen said...

This hat is an evil and bad knit. Can we tame it?

Rebecca said...

I ripped my beret yesterday too.

A :-) said...

I'm sorta glad I missed out on this particular KAL ;-D Sounds like it's really a beast. Still, love your color combination - I think it's going to be beautiful!