Friday, June 06, 2008

Green and Blue

You know how I said I just couldn't put the Sahara down? Well, last night I finished the hems, weaved in the tails and gave it a lavender bath.

Here she is blocking away:

It really grew. The shine from the silk is just breath taking. I so just want to slip it on to see if it fits. sigh. I'm a bit worried. Well, maybe not worried. More like, I've fallen in love with it that I SOOOOOOO just want this to be perfect. ya-no?

In other good news, our dead evergreens have been replaced. FOR FREE!!! I highly recommend Saunoris in Frankfort as far as nurseries go. Amazing.

More yard work is scheduled for this weekend. Hope fully I'll be finished with my project and show off before and after photos.

The kids are away with school out, so hubby and I can celebrate our 5th year anniversary.... my God has it been that long?


Knitterary said...

Happy anniversary! Five years, that's the yarn anniversary, right? ;)

Nancy said...

Happy anniversary from your shared anniversary buddy ;-)

I'm pretty sure 17 years is the yarn anniversary...