Wednesday, June 11, 2008

FO: Wicked #2

Pattern: Wicked

Yarn: 6 skeins of Araucania Nature Cotton

Needles: US 4 circ

Start Date: April 5, 2008

End Date: June 6, 2008

Comments: This pattern is just so awesome that I had to do it a second time. Top down construction makes it super easy to adjust to a custom fit.

The yarn is soft for a cotton and I don't mind the thick-thin consistency. I believe it give the overall garment a unique texture. The only down fall with the Nature Cotton is the color is slightly different between skeins and led to some random striping. I was lucky enough to have bought extra and escaped having this be an eye sore.

While doing my photo adjustments... I couldn't decide if I liked the super early morning shot or the slightly early yet later morning shot...

This last shot my hair had finally dried and the sun was on full blast... so everything has a richer red to it.

Also, I was a little concerned about being too hot... but figured I'd give it a shot. I'm pleasantly surprised. The top is a bit heavy but it does not hold heat. Awesome!


PrincessPea said...

Lovely - it's a beautiful shape, fit and colour on you. Love your hair in the second pic btw!

Knitterary said...

It's gorgeous, and the perfect shade of cinnamon brown. I have project envy!

A :-) said...

Girl, you are a knitting MACHINE! You are just tossing stuff off the needles left and right! Love the color of this sweater, and it looks great on you :-)

Mrs. H (aka MrsAych) said...

Very pretty! Love it and it looks fabulous on you! :)