Monday, June 09, 2008


I've had a serious case of lost motivation over winter and spring and it's clearly not a lost mojo for knitting. More like a dislike of diet and exercise. I thought that once the weather got warmer that my feelings would change. Which they have, but not because of the seasons.

After finishing the Sahara and wearing it...and loving it, I took a hard look at why I just "let myself go", and now I want myself back.

It took me half an hour to get that ONE finished object shot. All of the others are shit. Granted it was windy, extremely bright and lets not talk about the humidity. I guess I have this vision of what I look like, then I take a picture it's completely different.

Weight has always been a battle and will most likely always will be. So, I'm finding that my knitting is my motivation. Sahara is my inspiration. My drive to wake up at some un-holy hour in the morning to torture my body back into shape. Turbo Jam has been my obsession lately. Even if the host is a bit peppy...the music is awesome and so far I'm having fun and finding muscles I've never felt ... ever.

Thus my re-birth of Skinny 4-Stash. I'm resetting my rewards to zero and rethinking my goals. So far I've given myself a dollar for each day I've done a workout... it just seems like such a small about for something that is hard for me to do... I'll have to ponder a bit more on those rewards.

In knitting news, guess who took a bath?

Wicked Number 2 is all soaked and just waiting for a photo shoot. It is taking forever to dry, but hopefully I'll have a post all ready for you to see.


Laurelena said...

I am totally with you on this!! I need to do the same. I've gained weight since the move and I need my "old" body back. We can support each other!!

Rebecca said...

Me 3. I'm not happy with my post baby body. I love my post baby life, but not my body.

and holy crappola batman, the captcha code for making a comment is insane today! 7 n's and m's in a row, but w/out a pattern. Makes mama's eyes ache.