Saturday, June 28, 2008

My Lipstick

I don't know about you, but I'm pretty simple when it comes to makeup. I don't prefer to buy the really expensive brands and overall feel that you can achieve a great look on the more basic brands.

For instance, take my Almay One Coat Lip in Cocoberry.

It has seen better days. I love this color so much I'm stretching the life of this little tube by using a Q-tip for applying. Almay felt it was of their better interest to discontinue the line. Why? You find the perfect shade, perfect texture, and they ass it up by discontinuing the line?

So, I'm reaching my wits end and bottom of tube and figured it couldn't hurt to do an ebay search, right? I know kinda ridiculous, but that's how I discovered My Perfume way back when I discovered they discontinued that as well. Anywhoooo I digress, so I look up on ebay and amazone and nada. Last resort is the Almay website. They actually have a "what do I do if it's discontinued" FAQ question. This then leads me to their suggestion of the new Wine color way.

The website told me I would Love It! We'll just see about that. Okay...time for the before and after photos.

Here is before:

And After:

I can't say I yelled I Love It once it was applied. It's not the same, but it might grow on me. As for now, I'm feeling 3 out of 5 stars.


Knitterary said...

I really like the second color, but yeah, it's a bit pinker, isn't it? The old color had an almost bronze hint whick looks lovely with your skin and hair.

There's nothing harder than finding a new lipstick. That's why I gave up and switched to carmex. ;) (I'm so lazy!)

A :-) said...

Oh, this is the story of my life - once I get something I really really like (perfume, makeup, lipstick, hair color, you name it) they discontinue it. Benefit just discontinued my favorite shade, too - I'm scraping every last bit of it out of the tube with a lip brush.

I like the new color on you - kind of a summery glow :-)

Nancy said...

Check your email. ;-)

Laurelena said...

I like the new color, but I understand your frustration!!

I have some Almay One Coat that I love. I didn't know they discontinued it. I don't buy or wear lipstick all that often. I better look into some alternatives like you did.

A lip brush might be better for getting out the last dregs of color out of your old tube. It won't absorb the lipstick so you'll get more out of it, and it will really get into any nooks and cranny's down in that tube.

Anonymous said...

The new color look great. Weren't you that said you wanted to get out of the suburban mommy look? The new color looks vibrant. You look great anyway. ;)