Sunday, June 15, 2008

Small Distraction

With only the Fulmar on the needles... we just couldn't have that, now could we. So, what do you do when this happens? You look up your pattern queue on Raverly and head to your nearest yarn store.

A little Cotton Rich DK and I'm off swatching for this little sweet thing.

This is so freakin' cute, you could just toss your cookies. Pattern is from My Little CityGirl. It's going to be a little challenging... adding beads, crocheted edging, but so sweet for little miss mac.

What to give a shout out to Miss A;) for noticing my Stash-4-Cash increase. I've been working out almost everyday and am feeling the aches and pains. When does it stop hurting? sigh. I give my self a dollar for every 20 minutes of workout time, so it's adding up. Also, to answer your other question, yes you can totally knit the Cable Lagoon socks top down.

And to all the fathers out there, Happy Father's Day! We went to the movies and saw The Happening. Wow. Not bad.

1 comment:

A :-) said...

Yay!! You're up to $9 :-) I hope it does stop hurting soon - you'll be strong and limber in no time at all :-)

Thanks for the info on Cable Lagoon - I'm going for Top Down and I'll let you know how they go.