Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Show and Tell

Last night I could have sat on the couch knitting the Thermal with little Mac watching Sesame Street, but I really wanted to spin. So why not? Pulled out Lenny and was soon spinning the Merino Cross Wool I bought from The Fold some time ago.

It has a different feel then the Shetland....bouncy, longer drafting motions, more of an oily feel and a lot more straw/hay matter. At least compared to the Shetland anyway. I'm trying for a sport or worsted weight... with the possibility of making nice warm socks. I love exploring the different fibers and getting a feel for each and how they react to the wheel. So....you want pictures? No problem.

That's what's left of the roving left to spin and here is what I worked up last night.

I'm hoping to do spinning in the evening and knit during my commutes to work. That way I get to do a little of both during the day and neither project will feel ignored.

The hand spun Shetland was dry when I got home, so I wound it up. Here is my Kool-Aid Black Cherry yarn.

The colors came out pretty cool. There are light and dark spots which isn't so bad. Since the light spots are really pink, I'm leaning towards a sweater or cardigan for little Mac. She ooo's and aaaa's over this yarn every time she sees it. I just have to find a good pattern and hopefully get it on the needles before the chilly Fall air comes around.


We went from slimy-broken-needs-new-liner pool to slimy-fixed-needs-chemicals pool. Not all over bad...it should clear up within the next couple of days. Right on time for the weekend. Hurray!

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Mrs. H said...

Pretty yarn!

And how awesome is it that Mac will have a sweater made with yarn her mom made that's dyed with one of the Kool-est parts of childhood? :)