Friday, June 29, 2007

I'm Buying Buttons

Guess why?

Thermal is seamed together! That's Why!!

I'll give the sweater a good soak and then block it tonight. Hopefully with pictures of a finished object later this weekend. Now, you know what that means right? I don't have a knitting project on the needles. Oh boy. So, this morning I grabbed my new handspun Kool-Aid yarn and slew of needles.

Swatching of a sweater for my little stinky. I started with size US 8s, no good. Moved to 7s...still to large. Okay, notice I didn't grab enough sizes and only had 3s with me. Okay, much better...but WTF!!! Another sweater on small needles? All I can say is I'm hoping that the size 4s or 5s work out because I really don't have a desire to knit a small sweater on small needles. Yes, I know it will go fast, but still...Size 3s!!!

Since I new that my commute time is longer then swatch time, I threw this lot into the bag and I've decided to put these suckers back on the needles. I think I'm going to experiment on the Judy's Magic Cast-On. So far so good.

Guess what else is going on in Chicago? Yep, if you've never been to the Taste of Chicago. Go.

There really isn't anything like it. Yes, it's crowded, but the food is worth it. Yes, it's expensive, but there are tips to experiencing the this yearly event. Since I work right across the street I usually go at least once a year. What you do is buy your tickets at your local Dominic's grocery store before you go (avoid the lines) and get your booklet of vendors. Plot your route, sit under the shaded trees and bring plenty of water. I don't bother with liquids and use my points toward my favorites. Connie's Pizza has a great mini-taste meatball sandwich and then you have to do the Eli's cheesecake. Hey you SnB gals...anyone wana do lunch next week on Monday or Tuesday?

Could I possibly talk about anything else? Of course I can. I need a new purse. I swear I go and buy these bags and a month later they're falling apart. So, I was thinking of upgrading and getting a satchel style to hold my wallet and knitting project. If you haven't seen these...Jordana Paige I leaning toward the red...or blue...heck green looks interesting too!!! For $89 it's really a good deal...I went to a bag store right down Michigan Avenue and most of the bags that fit this style where all $200 bucks, ouch! I don't know if I'll have the Patience to wait till Stitches in Aug to get a bag...humph.


Rebecca said...

Hmm, how about Monday? There is no way I'm going on Tuesday (the 3rd) because that is the craziest day of the whole shebang! :)

Monday could work though -- and the weather is supposed to be cooperative.

Knitterary said...

Love-love-love the cherry wool swatch. The slight striations in the color are beautiful, and they really work well with the slightly rustic look of the yarn. Are you thrilled with this? You should be! Regardless of the needle size.

No can do downtown next week. I'm in deadline hell.

amlahe616 said...

Let me know if you are going on Monday. I will be travelling from work to there all day. If you are there on one of my rounds we can hook up.

Sheknits said...

Hi Kri-
I heard you on It's a Purl Man" and I too live in the suburbs of Chicago. Guido said you are a graphic artist. Since you ae a knitter and a graphic artist I was wondering if I could ask you a question.
My regular e-mail is sdreifuss AT would you please e-mail me when you get a chance?
Thanks Sharon

Merry Gentlemen said...

I don't think I can do the Taste this year. Sorry. Eating is kind of touchy.

Merry Gentlemen said...

Try thift stores for buttons. You can get an entire blouse worth for a buck.