Monday, June 11, 2007

Body Malfunction

After taking part in the World Wide Knit In Public Day...I came home to continue knitting on my sleeves. Knit and knit some more. Rented moves and knitted some more. I remember one was Messengers...and the second must not have been good enough for me to remember. Don't recommend the movie, it was very predictable. Well, I ended up knitting till 2 am. Over the course of the evening, I also did a second coat of edging on the walls, a load of laundry and cooked dinner...just so we understand, I wasn't completely stuck to the couch with the Drink Hat on. Although I have thought about it;)

I'm sure it wouldn't shock you to know that I woke up at 6 am in complete agony. My left forearm was throbbing. What The Hell! Took an illegal amount of Advil and back to bed. People...I think I've gotten carpal tunnel because of my knitting. The horror of it all. Did you think that stopped me from continue to knit? Hell-No!

Here is my sleeves so far:

You'd think with the idea of someone stricken with carpal tunnel, I would have more to show. Hahahahaha! Just think, it's two sleeves people. If it was just one, I'd be near the armhole by now.

It also looks like this weekend (June 16th) will be another trip to The Fold. I emailed Toni and I'm hoping she'll be there this Saturday. I wanted to show off my first skein I produced with her Shetland yarn and off my Lenny Lendrum. I was hoping she would have her workshop schedule up by now, but I can only cross my fingers and wait patiently.

Does anyone want to tag along?


Merry Gentlemen said...

Huh! What! You're going to the Fold! Shoot. I'm going to throw meat and the Highland games.

Knitterary said...

Have fun at The Fold Saturday! I jsut got a package from Toni today, which makes today a happy day. :D But my credit card is relieved that I have other plans and can't join you on your field trip.