Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Its Never Comes Easy

Isn't there a saying...Anything done right is worth waiting for?

Well, Tuesday was a day...not like any other day, but a day that was suppose to end in me swimming or at least wading in my newly lined pool. Not so much. Do you remember the slim?

Liner was purchased, contractor was scheduled, and by the time I got home on should have been perfect. never comes easy for me. I always seem to have to go the next level ...but I'm looking at the bright side. I WILL have a pool to swim in this summer. I WILL definitely have to throw a pool party/bbq when I finally get around to scheduling that event...oh, the joys of summer.

As to last night, this is what we have. The guys should be back on Friday and I'm crossing my fingers that we have no rain till the weekend.

What you see is not just my shadow waving at you but dirt...what happens when water mixes with dirt? Yeah...cross your fingers people.

Do you want some knitting content with this blog...okay, don't twist my arm or anything. Here is the sleeves at yet another several rows closer to finished. I knit and knit yet I don't seem to go any where. I do like that the color is very slimming...hehe. that a muscle? I didn't know I had one;)

I do have to mention that I have been seriously blessed this week and it's all Grandma's doing...she has taken both Stinky and Legs off my hands for an entire 6 days. Can you hear me scream FREEDOM!! Guess what I did? knitting, guess again. spinning.

I did contemplate pulling out Lenny (my Lendrum wheel) to get a little further along on my Shetland roving, but the house was in dire need of paint. It's not easy to paint while an almost 3 year old wants to join in.

I have no pictures...I know bad blogger, but I will say it looks tons better then it did and will post before and after shots when I get further along in putting everything back into it's place. I have so many ideas about finishing up the house that they are clouding my mind today. I figure if I get all my To Do's done, I will be able to enjoy The Fold this weekend.

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