Monday, June 25, 2007

Oh Ravelry, I'm Waiting...

Thanks to Amy for showing off the Ravelry site at the last SnB. sigh. I want it even more now that I've seen and played with it.

If you haven't signed up to become a beta tester, do so. Who knows when this site will go live. The word is that they are sending out invites in small batches and are currently up to May 10th. I'll most likely will have to wait anther 4 weeks before being invited seeing that I don't remember when I sign up.

Are you still lost in the What the Hell is Ravelry? They put together some screen shots for a quick tour of what you can do...kinda like a sneak peek. Check this out.

Now, since I've seen a peek into this wonderful world...I need to seriously organize my stash. That means I'll have to come to terms with how much I have and what I plan on doing with it all.


Also, if you haven't seen this yet. There is a new poll on about favorite pastimes. Believe it or not, they actually include knitting as one of the choices. Go there right now and vote. Would love to see the knitters represent.

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Knitterary said...

I'm still waiting for my ravelry invitation, too. Someday!

Love the black cherry dye job. The yarn looks like there's some real depth and texture to the color.