Thursday, November 01, 2007

Post Halloween Sugar High

I am so happy that today is the day after Halloween. I usually love this holiday, but Eric wasn't into it this year and he even announced that he wont be participating next year. Hummmm, bummer.

I do have great shots of the kids, which I'm sure that's all you want to see...I had the kids do a quick photo shoot of them with their SCARY (remember to include a growl...that's how Mac likes it) pumpkins.

Then for tricks-n-treats little Mac was Tigger.

Now, considering that last year she made it to only 3 houses, I knew she would break that record and I stopped counting after 9. By the end of the night Her Thomas candy bucket was filled and heavy. Do you want to know how I know this...well, let me show this picture first.

Oh yeah...the little princes was carried around the neighborhood on Grandpa's shoulders, while I carried her heavy bucket. sigh.

~:: Fulmar Update ::~

I'm on my second yarn cake! Here is the progress so far:

I'm seriously LOVIN' it!! I was such an Outlaw Knitter on my train ride home...I managed to do a spit splice during rush hour.


Knitterary said...

I can't even do a spit splice in the privacy of my own home, let alone on a crowded, jiggly commuter train!

Cutest Tigger ever. :)

KathyR said...

I just love the photo of little Mac on Grandpa's shoulders! So cute! And Fulmar is really coming on - looking very good.

carolyn said...

Your Fulmar looks great! The color is super too.
You're so brave! I did a spit slice once during my knitting group... those who should know what it is... everyone looked grossed out and went eeewww! After that, I'm too embarrassed to be seen doing it in front of a non-knitting public.

kadezmom said...

I was so blog hopping...and I ran into you. BTW - I love Fulmar and the socks. I'm going to have to buy that sock book, or is it on the memory escapes me at the moment.

I'm here to tell ya one mother to another, there is no difference between subjects when your child is struggling. I have two bright kids who happen to struggle in different areas. My 12 yo can find a loophole in any argument, debate almost any topic, and can hardly write a coherent sentence. (okay, so the words are a challenge too). I say a huge thunk across the head for your fellow commuter is in order. If you want to bang heads on how to get him some help, contact me. I fought the system when we were in IL...and I'm still at it in Mn. I have a friend who is currently waging her battle in Il as well. If I can help, be a sounding board or whatever, let me know.

If I scared the crap out of you cos I fell out of the sky, I am sorry....but when I read something this dear to my heart....well. Anyway...have a great week and bundle up cos the cold air is a comin' hit here today!