Tuesday, November 13, 2007

A Beautiful Blend

On Saturday, Miss A from Knit and Run invited me over for a little afternoon of spinning. I was very happy to discover another spinner and so close to home...gosh, just minutes from my front steps.

I was amazed to discover that she is also a very new spinner like me. I bought my wheel at The Fold back in May and she followed suite about month later. Miss A has also experienced several spinning classes, which I'm hoping to do in the future. So, while I was there I learned some great tips and tricks but most of all she got the spin bug back in me. Thank you Miss A...I really did enjoy the afternoon...and it just wasn't the plate of cookies that did it;)

This is the Sage Merino Blend I worked on that afternoon. It's turning out quite lovely and can't wait to get another bobbin going.


A :-) said...

You are so welcome, Miss K :-) Archway Cookies!! Yum!! Can't beat 'em, and can't want for our next spinning afternoon in the sunroom :-) That Sage merino is going to be really pretty plied up. Merino is on my list . . . LOTS of twist and pretty skinny singles, I'm thinking . . . I'll let you know how it goes. :-)

KathyR said...

There's nothing like getting together with like-minded friends and enjoying each other's company - and producing some lovely-looking yarn in the process!