Friday, November 23, 2007

How Many?

Thanksgiving is always a good time in my house. I love to cook and I love to feed people. Thus the reason for my Getting Skinny for Stash, but I digress. For years I've always invited the whole family out to sit at my table and feast. I only really cook this way once a year, but I truly enjoy it. My husband and son get dibs on what dishes they want, and that hasn't changed. What has changed is that this year I didn't invite ANYONE. Guess what happened? It back fired on me. Yep, I prepared a meal to feed 6 with plenty of leftovers to last a week and ended up with 12 guests.

Lucky I hid that extra pumpkin pie, other wise that would have been crumbs too. I think I have enough turkey to make some yummy chicken soup.. yep, a carcass is all I have. I do want to say that I'm ever so thankful to have family to sit and eat with. I'm thankful that I they have brought a very memorable dinner for all invited. I'm thankful for all my knit, blog, and Ravelry buddies out there. I hope you all had a full-tummy kind of day.

On the knitting front I did get to finish the second skein and pulled out another one for Fulmar.

We did have a small yarn crawl scheduled for today, but as holiday turkey has a way of turning even the most loved knitter comatose, we settled for a meet up at Nana's Black Friday meet up. This is my newest project...and it's not for me.

A fellow Ravelry member posted the most adorable toddler version of this cute pattern from Interweave Holiday Knits. I'm hoping to modify the pattern for Mac. Pink and Purple Debbie Bliss...super soft and yummy.

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carolyn said...

WOW! All of a sudden, seemingly to me, you have so much Fulmar knit!
It is really looking great!