Wednesday, November 14, 2007

FO: Merino-Noro Mits

I really can't get over how quickly these knit up. They were so quick that I haven't even blogged about them yet. I might have mentioned some time ago that I had spun up some gorgeous merino cross wool couple months back, but never really showcased it. Anywho... last week we hit a cold snap and I was really regretting not having something on my hands. With the Noro Wrap finished I had a good part of a skein left over and decided to use it for this project.

Pattern: My own (made it up, really)

Yarn: Merino handspun doubled with Noro Silk Garden

Needles: US 5

Start Date: November 10, 2007

End Date: November 12, 2007

Comments: Started by getting my gauge numbers and then measuring the widest part of my hand. Did some small knitting math and came up with 36 stitches (which divides nicely on 3 dpn's). The whole mit is worked k1, p1 which allows for a nice give and tight hug when needed. The cuffs and fingers sections are done with single merino but the main palm is doubled with the Noro. These will do nicely to keep my hands warm and toasty.


Merry Gentlemen said...

Too Cute.

KathyR said...

Just right for cold winter days! A good way to use left-over yarn as well as to eke out the handspun.

Knitterary said...

OMG, you are too adorable. Now we know where Mac gets it from. ;D

Rebecca said...

Those mitts almost went home with me last night. :)