Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Oh My Yoga

Have you ever let your body get so far out of shape that when you start to get back into the groove...and do something as easy and non-stressful as yoga...you're whole body goes into shock? Today people...my toes hurt. How the hell does every muscle ache even down in my toes?

When I got home... I discovered the Interweave Knits had arrived, so of course I had to snuggle in bed with my new socks and the newest Winter magazine. I'm not exactly thrilled with the selection of patterns, but some big highlights are the Ivy League Vest (designed by Eunny Jang - well, duh!), the Celtic Tote (cuz' I love cables), the Bonbon Pullover is growing on me.

I knew I needed to get some pictures taken of my works in progress and without any daylight in the evenings and Miss Mac all underfoot...it' slightly difficult. She is such a big helper, gosh I love this age.

With her holding the Fulmar it looks so much bigger. I have know idea what she's doing, but she found this photo shoot hilarious. I guess sticking your tongue out in pictures is the coolest thing to a 3-year old.

One of my other on going projects is this very simple Noro Wrap. It's my mindless knitting project for TV watching...yeah, speaking of TV shows...did you watch Heroes last night...OMG!!! I love this show! moving on...here is Miss Mac showing off the wrap...I'm on the decreases now, so soon I'll have a finished object to show off.

That's all for now...go knit.


Elizabeth Boyle said...

I adore Heroes! It is the best show--and your Noro looks wonderful. I just love it when I get to the decreases on anything. Can't wait to see it finished.

Bethany said...

Your work is breathtaking! So is Mac!

A :-) said...

Those photos of Mac are hilarious and the Fulmar is amazing looking! The yoga aches will pass - hang in there!