Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Change in Plans

I think it’s time to change a habit. Why do you ask? It has to do with another person who has fallen into my routine and I don’t care for it. This person was once just some random commuter who is apart of my train ventures. Until about a month ago. I will now forever call him Big Guy. I know I really should have gotten creative with the name, but it’s really not worth my time at this point.

I was even tempted to take a photo of him to warn all those who commute, but I figured with his big stature and all I don’t think I would get away with it. The best I can do is a sketch.

All right...it goes back several weeks. Now I’m sure you can imagine a very busy rush hour train, right? Well, since I board the train at the first stop I can usually grab a window seat, but once we get to the next stop the remaining seats get occupied very quickly. The first time Big Guy sat with me, I just was completely discussed. There are very distinct lines that divide the double seats and he is clearly not noticing these. Obviously by his name you can pretty much guess he is Big. Now, when I mean BIG I don’t mean FAT. Although he might have some pounds to shed...that’s not the visual I’m looking for...No....this guy is just very large. He must stand close to 6 ft 7 something...and weighs perhaps 230. He sits down with his overstuffed winter coat and furry fox hat, then proceeds to open his briefcase and pull out reading material.

I am always curious as to what people find for entertainment on these 45 minutes stretches between work and home. I would say it's mostly split between sleeping and reading. If someone sits next to me I usually check out what they're reading. Is if for pleasure or purpose? This guy? I can't seem to decipher his taste. I've seen everything from Economic Review to Market Analysis charts.

Well, the really nitty-gritty of it all is he is smothering me. I'm certainly not a small woman, but good God! I keep my elbows firmly to my body, not slid back all way where I could poke him with an elbow or needle. Although I've thought about doing that. Imagine if you will your sitting there knitting away and all of a sudden you have this pressure. You become very stiff and feel lodged between Big Guy and Train Window. This certainly does not make for good knitting time. I adjust my self in the seat which involves me moving as far to the window as possible. Yet, his man is not done. He proceeds to undo his coat, so now I not only have Big Guy smashing me, I have his hot down feather coat laying on me to make things worse. I couldn't take it and after a while of him twitching in his seat, I excused myself and move to a different part of the train.

Since that day, he has made a point of sitting with me every time I sit in my favorite part of the train. I'm done. I think it's time to start a new routine. Unless perhaps anyone has any suggestions as to getting rid of this bloke.


Merry Gentlemen said...

He keeps sitting next to you? Lets call him "Creepy Weirdo."

La Petite Tricoteuse said...

maybe you could teach him how to knit. He will then a) realise that he needs to sit a different way in order to keep his needles organized, or b) think you are crazy knitting lady and try to avoid you. Either way it is win win,

Nancy said...

This is Metra Electric, right? What about sitting upstairs in the single window seats? Lots of room to knit, nobody next to you.

Otherwise, why take the window seat? Sit in the aisle and put something really pointy on the window seat. Or take an aisle seat with someone already seated at the window.

So this guy actually looks for you on the train? Even if you sit in another car? That IS creepy. Maybe you could leave work 15 minutes early and grab the earlier train...

A :-) said...

I feel for you, and although you wish this guy would "get it," it's likely he won't because clearly he's not bothered by his behavior. Which means you're going to have to change it up. Getting up and moving is always a good plan even though it's irritating to have to do it and makes for messed up stitches (been there).

From one commuter to another, I would suggest:
-Switch cars.
-Pre-emptively sit next to someone else instead of going for the window.

Last ditch - If those don't work, and if you happen to drive to the station, and if the zones change close to you, you could drive to another station and take a different zoned train.

Good Luck - and at least you can be glad it's not the creepy phone sex guy . . . Eeeeuuuwwwww

Mrs. H (aka MrsAych) said...

Honestly? Look him right in the eye and say, "Do you mind? Back off!" I am sometimes rude. :)