Monday, November 12, 2007

What Have I Been Up Too?

I've started a new project if you've been paying close attention to my side progress bars. This is a hint for the little project for Miss Mac:

I love toes;)

Plus, I'm cheep that when I first started to knit socks on two circ's I bought the longest length that the Addi Turbo's came in. I figured if I was purchasing two needles at $15 bucks each, they better be able to do more then knit socks. Well, I've never used them for anything else but socks and I can't stand the length. The cords get in the way and I was to the point that I never want to knit another pair of socks with them again.

Well that didn't last to long, but I still hate them. I will eventually purchase some Knit Picks 24 inch circ's, but seeing that I'm saving verse spending...I took the pair off two circ's and Magic Looped them on one needle. Fabulous! Now I can knit four socks with these two needles. Oh my, just think... two different socks on the needles at the same out.

Here is the baby twins of my Half Blood Prince socks. Pretty close to the heals on these.


A :-) said...

Cute little toes! cute little socks! Kris - so glad you could come over to spin!!

Rebecca said...

4 socks at once? You are the kung fu knitter!

hey, I should make a button that says that! Ohhhhh.