Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Look What I found

I don't know if you have old magazines catalogs around, but for some reason it's hard to throw them out. I find some are very pleasing to look at and give me inspiration to how I want my house to look. We have this old 2003 Potterbarn catalog that I like look at every once in a while, until I see the prices and I just want to puke.

Is it really necessary to have a pillow cost 80 bucks? Anywho... I was looking at the catalog last night with miss Mac who loves looking at that kinda of not far from the tree, eh? When I sit with her, we point out different colors and objects that appeal to us and it helps with her vocabulary...when I came to page look:

Do you see it? If you didn't catch it right away, no worries...I seen this magazine a million times and never noticed. Here is what it amazing:

Yep, Knitting!!! What do you think...Looks like a scarf on perhaps size 5 wood straights...not bad.


Knitterary said...

Hmm. Mohair or angora. Something fuzzy. Needles in the size 5 to 7 range.

Outstanding hominess, Pottery Barn!

KathyR said...

No wonder you liked this one! Yes, I like looking at decorating-type catalogues. Makes me dream of what our home would look like if everything co-ordinated.

LesleyKnits said...
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