Friday, August 31, 2007

One Last Day

It's Friday people!! There is nothing like the Friday before a week off on Holiday. It will go by quickly and I wont even know it. Some people might be of the realization that the actual event is what is more exciting. Not me. It's all the moments that leads up to the event that I cherish most.

The best way to describe it is when I was in my young twenties. The club scene was the place to be and if your familiar with it, then you know that the club doesn't get jumpin' until after midnight. Boy, I've got some stories, but I digress. You see... you spend time picking out clothes, hitting the mall in search of the perfect "cute" outfit, hanging with my girls while we get all "cute" and this is hours before we go anywhere. I even remember back...there was perhaps 5 of us all crammed into a small bathroom gabbing and caring on...we broke out in song and I was so happy I remembered the words and also extremely thrilled that we were in a bathroom. We sounded sooooo good, at least everyone else sounded good;)

I think the only people who love my signing voice is my mother and my kids (below the ages of 8). Eric will deny any rumors of loving my singing voice. Ah, they grow up so quickly, but I remember Grandma telling me that she wasn't allowed to sing to him because she didn't do it right;)

Well, anywho...I got of subject there, but all I'm saying is enjoy every moment. Not just the main event...because in reality, sometimes it over so quickly that you forget what happened. Kinda like prepare a meal for two days and in 15 minutes it's over. I think that's one of the reasons I love knitting. I enjoy each stage for what it is... what does that make me? A process knitter? I love picking the pattern, searching for the right yarn, casting-on and happy as heck when I finish a section or complete one piece of the big puzzle.

Here is some progress that I can post about:

This was picked up for Tour De Fleece and was intended as the challenge. Boy oh Boy what a challenge. The bundle was bought at Loopy Yarns and is 4oz Happy Hippie, the content is 100% Soy Silk in colorway Flower Power. I've only had the pleasure of knitting Shetland wool and taking a leap to Silk was definitely a challenge. I might have to try it on my drop spindle...because the wheel is to fast and I'm struggling with the slippery and stringy quality of soy silk. It feels really nice on the hands, but gosh, I don't know what I'm doing wrong. So, back to square one. Oh, and for the record...the colors are that bright. Yeah, I think satellites will fall out of the sky if this goes outside at any given point in time.


Jen said...

Can't wait to hear about the baby knits when you're done! Congrats on the little one's 3rd bday -- mine is coming up!

Knitterary said...

Wait. Is it soy? Or is it silk? Or is it a blend of soy and silk? I'm confuzzled as always. But I like the bright colors! They're very cheerful.

amlahe616 said...

I love the happy hippie. Can't wait to see what you make out of it