Wednesday, August 22, 2007


I woke up with the happy thoughts of my little girl turning 3 today. Stinky laying asleep between hubby and I...boy have I have fallen for this one.

So, why is it that the Computer Gods want to rain down on me? Power surge at the office lead to a reinstalling of software. Thus leading to me shedding several tears in my office during the middle of the day. I've lost all programs, all email addresses, and any shred of personal photos and lets not talk about the lose of knitting content. I will get over the fact that I don't have any proof that my daughter had an awesome 1st birthday, because as of right now it doesn't exist.

I was planning on showing off Mac's finished sweater...but all photos are on my camera and without a program to get them off...I'm at a lose. I just hope that hubby can locate the cable for the camera at home.

I'm off to have cocktails with the's his birthday as well and maybe there is room for improvement.


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Knitterary said...

Happy birthday to Miss Mac!